Years Of Journalism Essay

1. Briefly describe any professional experience in journalism.

My experience in journalism has been multi-faceted throughout my college career. I have worked with photojournalism, marketing, design, and advertising.

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My experience in the area of photojournalism stemmed in high school while working for the yearbook and newspaper staff. My experience extended to college when I was employed by Northeast Studios to take partypics for Truman State University. I then came to Mizzou and took a few Creative Photography classes from the Studio to stay up with the craft. I was most recently employed by the Greek Chronicle to take several different types of photos.

My interests turned into the marketing field when I was involved with the Alcohol Awareness Steering Committee and Alpha Phi. With the steering committee I helped market the facts and importance of alcohol awareness to the MU campus. Through Alpha Phi and the Greek Community I realized as President how influential and important marketing a positive image is for my own sorority and the Greek community as a whole. I also had the opportunity to place advertisements in the paper for Alpha Phi and was the spokesperson throughout the 1999- 2000 school year.

My talents in the area of design were seen in several banners for philanthropies Alpha Phi participated in and hosted. I also have taken a drawing class and would like to continue my education within the area of arts. Finally, I have extensive experience in the area of advertising and sales by being employed by the MU Student News and Greek Net. I have successfully managed several accounts for the paper.

2. In a typed essay of 250 words maximum, tell us about yourself, particularly you non-school experiences such as summer jobs, travel and professional work. Also tell us about your interest in journalism. What your career goals are and why you think Missouri’s program best suits your needs.

I have held several summer jobs, but the most influential summer in my life was living in Costa Rica. There I learned more about myself in three months that could ever be imagined. I studied a new language, lived with a new family, and experienced a new religion and culture. This experience gave me the opportunity to look beyond the box and view life in a more open-minded way. The forms of communication in Costa Rica were extremely limited and I found myself missing my family and the technology the United States. I had to pay to use email and there was only one place in Alajuela that offered email for public use. This simple technology is what helps make the United Sates competitive and influential nation in the area of journalism.

I would like to work in the area of Advertising. I realize I did not major in Advertising in my undergraduate work. However, because of this I will I bring a different outlook into the field. I have worked with many disabled and minority individuals and I can relate to a large population. I am outgoing, genuine and personable. I am willing to work hard and commit myself to becoming the best I can be in field of Advertising.

I feel that Missouri’s program best suits me for many reasons. I have completed my undergraduate at Mizzou and take great pride in our school. The Department of Journalism is renowned and I would receive an education from the most qualified and best school in the nation.

3. Take some time and address on of the following essay questions. Your answer should be strictly limited to 500 words. The graduate admissions committee will evaluate your response based on the quality of your writing and logic, focus and clarity or your thoughts. Creatively and persuasiveness are a plus. It is not necessary to do outside research to write and excellent response.

b. Take some time and envision a hellish era 25 years from now when journalism has reached a new nadir. Describe that nightmare and then tell us what we should be doing now to prevent it.

“You know the policy,” the producer remarked sternly. “You must approve any story to the primary government official before it can air.” Imagine living in a world completely ran by the government and all first amendment rights were lost. Where a socialist society was developing and the government decided your job, your wage, and your lifestyle. Where every news story and publication had to follow a procedure and a good twenty people had to “approve” it before it could be released. What if society only received censored information? It seems absurd, but this scenario is not so completely off-line. Our nation has already considered banning certain areas on the Internet. The question of concern is where does one draw the line? What is bad or wrong to one person is acceptable to another.

Questioning ones own beliefs and others beliefs becomes a primary reason why the first amendment is so important. Not having the access to information is a reason why women rights are not parallel across countries. There are women in Africa who are circumcised during puberty because it is believed if they are witches they will bleed to death and if they are not witches they will live. There is also women put to death because they spoke out that they had been raped. Some women are killed because they want to divorce their husband.

This is a practice that commonly occurs and is mostly genuinely due to a lack of information. Other cultures have only reached the forefront of change because their beliefs have been so strong and they have not received information that could alter them. If information was given to these people concerning the number of deaths that have occurred due to female circumcision, stories from rape victims, and common beliefs from other cultures these acts might not be so prevalent.

A government ran society and examples of how journalism could directly affect the loss of women rights in other countries is what makes the preservation of journalism such a powerful theory. It is the ability to freely express thoughts and ideas that educates the society. Granted, there may be sometimes when a story is read and the author does not share the same belief. This does not mean their beliefs are wrong or should be banned. These differences makes one a better individual because one is able to look at another point of view. Instilling the importance of the freedom of expression is what journalism and the future of journalism is based on.

One word holds the power that will prevent a censored and socialist society. This word is “knowledge.” As long as we continue to advocate for the continuing education of individuals in our society and the importance of freedom of expression then we can continue to reap the benefits that journalism has to offer.