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YashrajKotianCMPN,Thakur College of Engineering andTechnology, Kandivali-East,Mumbai,[email protected] Pawankumar DubeyCMPN,Thakur College of Engineering andTechnology, Kandivali-East,Mumbai,[email protected]  Romil BadamiCMPN,Thakur College of Engineering andTechnology, Kandivali-East,Mumbai,[email protected] Vivek GiriCMPN,Thakur College of Engineering andTechnology, Kandivali-East,Mumbai,[email protected] Dr.

Rekha SharmaCMPN,Thakur College of Engineering andTechnology, Kandivali-East,Mumbai,[email protected]  Abstract— Now aday’s healthcare is a huge factor for systems which are struggling with agingpopulation, prevalence of chronic diseases, and the accompanying rising costs.In response to these challenges, researchers have been actively seeking forinnovative solutions and new technologies that could improve the quality ofpatient care meanwhile reduce the cost of care through earlydetection/intervention and more effective disease/patient management. It isenvisaged that the future healthcare system should be preventive, predictive,personalized, pervasive, participatory, patient-centered, and precise, i.e.,p-health system. Health informatics, which is an emerging interdisciplinaryarea to advance p-health, mainly deals with the acquisition, transmission,processing, storage, retrieval, and use of different types of health andbiomedical information.

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The two main acquisition technologies of healthinformation are sensing and imaging. This paper focuses only on sensingtechnologies and reviews the latest developments in sensing and wearabledevices for continuous health monitoring and accessing the information.Keywords— IOT, Intelligent System, Healthcare Management system,Wearable medical sensors  Introduction With the development of world, Healthmonitoring system is used in every field such as hospital, home care unit,sports. A promising trend in healthcare is to move routine medical checks andother healthcare services from hospital (Hospital-Centric) to the homeenvironment (Home-Centric).

By doing so, the patients can get seamlesshealthcare at any time in a comfortable home environment, society’s financialburden could be greatly reduced by remote treatment by providing medicinesusing medical box, limited hospital resources can be released for people inneed of emergency care. In this paper, using IoT devices is proposed to collectthe required parameters and evaluate the data obtained from the IoT devices. Italso notifies the patient with possible precautionary measures to be practicedby them.

This system suggests the patient with medical care and next step to befollowed in case of critical situation. The existing system are lacking someimportant features such as portability, efficiency, cost efficiency,reliability, overhead and complicated user interface which can be overcome inour system. The current system is available in only single user environment which can be extended tomultiuser environment in the future.  This system is evaluated for certainparameters and the decisions made on the data obtained from the source areassumed to evaluate the system 12.

 1.1               MotivationMonitoring health with respect to monitor the values of heart beat, bodytemperature and blood pressure. Hence all these data will be monitored by thedoctor and the prescriptions will be provided on time. Sometime it is observedthat patients get annoyed going to hospital regularly for checkups.  Above described problem can easily getsolved, if we make a home medical checkup for heartbeat, body temperature andblood pressure monitoring system. So we are proposing to make a HealthcareManagement System in which our idea is to create a portable device that canmeasure the patient’s heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure and store andanalyze this data and in case of any abnormality in the patient’s heartbeat,body temperature or blood pressure, send a notification to the family doctor,upon which doctor can prescribe a medicine or notify an ambulance which willbenefit the patient. This will assure everyone a decent healthcare 3.1.

2               Problem DefinitionIn India many patients aredying because of ill health  and reasonbehind this factor is that they are not getting proper help during this period.To give them timely and proper help first we want continuous monitoring ofpatient health. Our system is developed for home use by patients that are notin a critical condition but need to be timely monitored by doctor or family.

Inany critical condition the Notification is send to the doctor or any familymember. So that we can easily save many lives by providing them quick service34.  1.

3   Objectives of ProjectTo Provide Regular Notifications to the doctor. It will bealso helpful for people who are living alone in their house and don’t haveanyone to help (could be elder person).System will inform doctor if there isany emergency or critical value in heartbeat, body temperature or in bloodpressures value.

This System will take day to day update of patient’s heartbeat,body temperature and blood pressure1.1.4     Scope of the projectThe system collectsinformation like temperature, pulse rate, cough and cold of the patient andupdates the same to the doctor. The doctor can monitor the progress ofpatients’ health now and then to advise them about their health. This paperfocuses on single user environment which can be extended to multiuserenvironment.

The system can be extended by adding more features like leadingdoctor’s list and their specialties, hospitals and their special facilitiesetc., Doctors can create awareness about diseases and their symptoms throughthe mobile application. From the evaluation and the result obtained fromanalysis the system is better for patients and the doctor to improve their patients’medical evaluation 123. 1.5 Applications of the ProjectThe paper has a variety of application such as RemotePatient monitoring-which can be used for remotely monitoring of patient, Bodytemperature status-for the continuous monitoring, heartbeat monitoring-formonitoring patient’s heart rate, Hospitals Old age homes 4.

1.6    Projects Impact AnalysisThe System has various impact such as hospital staysare minimized due to Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient health parameter datais stored in data log. So it is more beneficial than maintaining the records onprinted papers kept in the files, In critical condition an emergency call isgiven to ICU and ambulance, Doctors can give prescription without visiting topatient, Disable patients can use this project, Highly sensitive, Completeelimination of manpower, Easy to install and Use124.  2        Literature SurveyWe have conducted a literature survey based upon which we have concludedthe differences in the existing system and proposed system which can be seen inthe below figure, fig-1 Existing vs Proposed System 12345678. Parameter Existing System Proposed System No. of Components used Many(large components) Medium(As compared to others) Cost High Medium Portable and compact Portable and compact(due to wearable tags) Portable and compact (due to size) Type of Kit(Arduino Uno/Raspberry pi) Raspberry Pi 1.

Arduino UNO 2.Bluetooth 3.WiFi Module 4.RFID 5.Switch 6.Heartbeat , BP and Temperature Sensors 7.Motor Drive and DC Motor 8.Power Supply Modules Software : 1.

Android App(GSM+GPS)   Overhead and Speed/Time Yes overhead- This system build a network among all entities (doctors, patients, Labs, Pharmacists, Nurses). Speed –slow Time – More   No Overhead. 1. As no need of carrying and caring of intelligent jackets. 2.

Our System contains One small sized tool box in which all components will be fixed and One more advantage is after prescription of doctor prescribed medicine will be given to patient through the Medical Box Automatically.   User Interface Complicated User Friendly And Interactive       3 ProposedWorkThe compact box will collect the information relatedto blood pressure, heart beat and body temperature. These data will be send byusing IOT to the doctor as shown in fig-2.1 Block diagram (patient side).Doctorwill monitor the data and if there is critical values in the data then doctorwill prescribe some medicine to the patients by his android mobile as shown infig 2.

2 Block Diagram(Data side) and fig 2.3 Block Diagram(Patient side) 12.According to the prescription of doctor the I-MED boxwill get notified and some medicine will come out from the I-MED box.     The respected patient will take the medicine. To checkwhether the specific patients has taken medicine the RFID is used at thepatient and the I-MED box side. After taking the medicine the doctor will beacknowledged.

While travelling if patient faces accident or any criticalproblem during anytime then in this case patient can press the switch whichwould be there in compact box. After pressing the switch the specific ambulancewill get notified by the Current location of the patients as shown in fig-2.1Block diagram(patient side),fig 2.

2 Block Diagram(Data side) and fig 2.3 BlockDiagram(Patient side) 124.Fig2.1: Block Diagram (Patient Side)     Fig 2.2: Block Diagram (Data Side)  Fig2.3: Block Diagram (Medical Box Side) 4        Expected OutcomeThis system would be more reliable as compare toexisting systems. Reductionin Efforts of going to hospital regularly for checkups.

Greatly help to localcommunity, elderly people and patients. It will make a convenient andeffortless monitoring system. It willhelp to keep the people aware of their health 134.  Fig 3: SoftwareArchitecture. 5  WorkflowPatientside (Arduino module):Temperaturesensor will sense the temperature, heartbeat sensor will give the pulse countand blood pressure will give information of blood pressure of patient continuouslythrough arduino uno using wifi module and will be updated in datalog. Onepanic/emergency switch is provided to inform Critical conditions directly.

  Monitoring will be continuous. This kit andmedical box will be near to patient and both will be connect through RFIDModule. ( Patient side Tx and box side Rx). Bluetooth module will be present topatient side kit to connect module with patient side android app, if person isgoing out from the home then to send his/ her location in critical condition(through app patient can call to the doctor or concern person and can get his/her status ) as shown in fig-2.1 Block diagram (patient side) and fig-3Software Architecture 13.

 Server( PC):Serverwill collect the data from patient side kit and will update it in datalog. Itwill check if the condition is normal or critical, according to that action willbe taken. If the condition is not normal the doctor will get notification inhis/her android app. The message will be in text as well as in speech form.

After that according to patient condition doctor will take an action. If thecondition is critical, it will inform to doctor about this and doctor will sendsms to an ambulance as well as an ICU from doctor side app. If doctor gives anyprescription to patient, it will a send signal to medical box kit to open thementioned tablet box. And after getting a reply from medical box that patienthas taken the medicine it will send indication to doctor about same via singleswitch (which is mounted at medicine box side) as shown in fig- 2.2 BlockDiagram (Data side), fig 2.3 Block Diagram(Patient side) and fig-3 SoftwareArchitecture 12. Doctorside (android app) :Aftergetting a notification in text as well as speech format, doctor will take anaction according to patient condition. If any prescriptions has to be given toa patient, it will send that in server through android app.

Doctor will getnotification through server when patient will take his medicines as shownin fig 2.2 Block Diagram(Data side), fig 2.3 Block Diagram(Patient side) andfig-3 Software Architecture 14.

.  MedicalBox ( Arduino Module ): The medical box will be kept near to patientand connect through RFID Rx. When doctor gives any prescription, server notifiesto medical box kit about it. And according to respective tablet will come outand buzzer will buzz as indication to patient, that he/she has to take atablet. After taking a medicine, patient will press the switch as an indicationthat he/she has taken the medicine.If any unauthorized person is taking thetablet that is RFID Receivers receiving frequency is not matching withfrequency transmitting from RFID Transmitter and acknowledging it throughswitch, then box kit will not send any signal to server.

Only an authorizedperson can send the signal after taking the tablet.All the modules will beconnected through wifi (Intranet connection same router for all wifi modules)and numbers we can mentioned in Android app which at doctor side asshown in fig-2.1 Block diagram(patient side),fig 2.2 Block Diagram(Data side),fig 2.3 Block Diagram(Patient side) and  fig-3 Software Architecture 1345.        ConclusionAn efficient system is developedto monitor the up to date status of the patient irrespective of the presence ofthe doctor.

The system collects information like temperature, pulse rate, coughand cold of the patient and updates the same to the doctor. The doctor canmonitor the progress of patients’ health now and then to advise them abouttheir health. The system can be extended by adding more features like leadingdoctor’s list and their specialties, hospitals and their special facilitiesetc., Doctors can create awareness about diseases and their symptoms throughthe mobile application. From the evaluation and the result obtained fromanalysis the system is better for patients and the doctor to improve theirpatients’ medical evaluation.References1 Durga Amarnath  M.

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