Writing Improvement Essay

I’m a Writer When I first made the decision to go back to school had two overwhelming fears. The first was my fear of public speaking, the other, and most prominent one, was the fact that I would have to write essays, research papers, and the like. Didn’t even accomplish this successfully over twenty years ago in high school, let alone ATA college level! I made the decision that neither writing, nor any other obstacle, was going to stand in my way of accomplishing my goal Of a college education. The only way for me to accomplish writing essays successfully was to just dive in and do it.

My mind was put to ease during the first week of class when Professor Allen said “Anyone can become a good writer if you just practice, and immerse yourself in the reading of good essays. ” In the beginning of the course my confidence level grew by leaps and bounds. While writing my first essay the words just seemed to flow from the keyboard. I finished this first essay in no time flat. As sat back and reread my essay I thought “This is perfect, I will probably be told to just move on to English 101 On the day the essay was due held my head high as turned in y work of art.

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The following class, when the papers were returned to us, my swollen head was quickly deflated. The realization that am not ready for English 101 and was going to study rules about things like sentence structure, what using a passive voice construction in my sentences even meant, find out what sentence fragments are and how to work them into a nearby sentence. My original fears returned and were peering directly back at me from the essay grading sheet. I really didn’t know very much about any of this and was going to have to put in some work to get my writings up to a allege level.

The fears that had returned to me was just the motivation needed to do the practicing and research that would improve my writing skills. Went to work, focusing on the areas that were mentioned in the grading sheet, to find out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to fix my errors. For example, on my second essay did not have down the proper way to form an opening paragraph. Went online to read some opening paragraphs in example essays. This really does help, like the professor said, “Immerse yourself. ” Reading the different ways you can open an essay was the best ay for me to work through my problem and gain a better understanding.

By the next essay I thought I had gotten a good grasp Of the concept; however I went from drawing out my opening paragraph to long, to making it short and choppy. So it was back to the drawing board, searching for more examples to read. When it was time for my fifth essay to be returned to me, I got a wonderful surprise. Before Professor Allen returned our papers he said to the class “l am noticing a common problem with your papers is the opening paragraphs. ” immediately thought, “OH NO! ” then he said “l want to read oh an example of one that I found particularly good. As he started reading aloud I immediately recognized it, he was reading my essays opening paragraph. It felt so good to know that all the reading and studying of other’s papers had paid off, that did have the capabilities to be a good writer. As began thinking about my sixth essay, I looked at all my grading sheets as a whole and realized that the common problems with all of them seemed to involve sentence structure errors, and my understanding of edited English. So as before, went back to reading student essays, as well as the course trial to better acclimate myself with the rules and practices.

As wrote my sixth essay, and as I write this one, I feel that I have come a long way. To continue to hone my skills as a writer I need to become more proficient with my sentence structure; the proper use of commas, and the ability to prevent run-on and fragmented sentences are key skills must master as I move forward. When it is all said and done, I now know that I am capable of writing the essays that feared in the beginning of the course, and the advice I would give everyone with the same fears would be the old adage “Practice makes perfect. ”