Would you’re a woman being forced to marry a

Would you like to
be in a position where you were getting abused by a family member someone who
you know and love? That’s what many victims of domestic violence have to go
through every day. Think about your own life. It’s much better than a victim
that is getting abused by their mum or dad. Would you like it if you were
whipped, belted or even being beaten by a cane? NO you wouldn’t but people
being abused do.

An abused woman lives
in fear unable to predict when the next attack will come. Women may become
isolated from friends and family, and she may start to believe that the abusers
insults might be true. The woman will deny ever being abused or she will ignore
it. Would you like to be someone living in fear dreading when your partner will
hurt you again? 2 out of 5 women will experience domestic violence in a
relationship with a man at some time in their lives but there is someone
helping them like “North Ayrshire women’s aid”. “They have over the
last three years they have supported 2178 women through counselling support
& 564 were supported in there safe accommodation”. “On average, two women
are being murdered each week”. “In 2010 the Forced Marriage Unit responded to
1735 reports of possible Forced Marriages.” Just imagine you’re a woman being
forced to marry a man that you hate or dislike? These women have to go through

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What is looked over when it comes to domestic violence is the men. They are
ignored they’re like shadows in domestic violence. They’re always the bad guys
not the victims but they get abused as much as women it could be physical,
emotional, threats, sexual or even controlling their behavior. They are not as
concerned about like women. You hardly ever see stories on the news about men
getting abused. You just see the story of the men being the bad guys not the
good guys. Many don’t think that they need help that there safety is no concern
to them but how would you feel if you were body cared about your safety how
would that make you feel? The percentage of males getting abused is 40% out of
100% people. For every three victims of domestic abuse, two will be female, one
will be male. These figures are the equivalent of 2.2 million male victims. One
in one in six men suffer from domestic abuse in their lifetime.

 Children who either witness domestic
abuse or are the victims of it. They are scared and will haunt them for the
rest of their life’s knowing that they will be different to everyone. A child
witnessing domestic abuse will be emotionally abused for the rest of their
lives. Seeing this might change the way they act to others such as becoming
very aggressive, display anti-social behavior, suffer from depression or anxiety,
not do as well at school – due to difficulties at home or disruption of moving
to and from refuges. If you were a child living in a home where there is
domestic abuse is harmful. It can seriously impact a child’s behavior and
wellbeing. Some of the parents think it doesn’t affect them but6 does in so
many ways. Sometimes it can move to adulthood where they could act like their
parents or even worse. Children are easily influenced by what they see or hear
so domestic violence can easily take its toll. Do you realize that a child
abuse report is made every ten seconds so that’s over millions of kids a month?
Two out of five boys and three out of five girls get sexually abused by the
time they reach eighteen and more than 4 children die each day. Would you like
to be a child in a sinister environment? No you wouldn’t would you getting
abused nonstop hiding away in you room terrified of your mom and dad.

Domestic abuse can include elder abuse. This is where harm is done, or
distress caused, to an older person within a relationship where there is an
expectation of trust. Most victims of elder abuse are older women with a
chronic illness or disability. Again, the most typical abusers are partners, adult
children, or family members. Would you like it if your son/daughter (the ones
you razed so you could be proud of them) had reduced to beating you? Many
elderly people are devastated that their own children have reduced to beating
them. It would hurt you wouldn’t it? Thinking your son/daughter could be so
much better than that. Elderly woman are usually the Target or people with
disabilities or chronic illness also people between the ages of eighty to
eighty nine are vulnerable. Would you want to be an elder waiting for someone
to visit them but instead you greeted with a beating? Do you know that four out
of 8 elderly woman are abused and 1 out of 5 are abused?

I believe that domestic violence is wrong in the whole and hope you do to
and change your sight on it and maybe you would like to help people in need.
But all you need to remember is that if you know someone in the need if help
call someone so they can get the help they need.

By Cameron 900 words