Would them happy or what are the essentials they

you describe yourself as a happy person? It seems that most people desire to be
happy, but they have difficulty in being happy and cannot seem to find
happiness in their lives. Moreover, they do not even know what makes them happy
or what are the essentials they need for happiness. Ask yourself: do you know
what makes you feel happy? Being successful, staring into someone’s eyes,
solving a problem… Which of these can make you feel good? These are some
examples of things that make people feel happy. As a result of the uniqueness
of each individual, they all diverse. Even though this non-objective and
abstract nature of happiness makes it difficult to be depicted, since
happiness, like water or air, is a hard thing to grasp in one’s hand, there are
still some universal basic requirements all people need to live happily. Among
them, two of them are very important and should be mentioned. Two most
essential requirements to lead a happy life are self-knowledge and worthy

of the essential requirements to lead a happy life is self-knowledge. To begin
with, self-knowledge determines where people go in life. Because without the
information which comes from the self-reflection, it is impossible for people
to learn who they are. It is unlikely to find happiness in their lives since
people cannot know their potentials or abilities in such a case. And, such an
ignorance is an obstacle to reach happiness. Apart from information about personality,
self-knowledge also serves information about what people need which is
necessary to be happy since happiness is something that people need to strive
to get. It can be said that happiness is a butterfly which always escapes. To
catch it, a hunter must do something and above all, the hunter must know where
it is. Without this knowledge, the hunter cannot even draw near to it.
Likewise, without self-knowledge, people cannot even approach to happiness
since they do not know where it is. To be happy, there must be some targets and
people must do something to achieve them. Lack of self-knowledge leaves people
open to accident and mistaken ambitions. Secondly, self-knowledge allows people
to take control of thoughts, emotions, and personality. Self-reflection gives
an opportunity to see where people’s thoughts and emotions are taking them.
That is, it can be used to uncover any destructive thought-patterns. Imagine if
someone’s thoughts were positive – h/she would feel happy most of the time! On
the reverse side, negative thoughts release enzymes that attack his/her immune
system and certainly don’t help his/her mood. People are happy when they
subjectively believe themselves to be happy. Thoughts become acts, acts become
habits, habits express the character and the character becomes the destiny.
Here, another important effect of self-knowledge should be mentioned: it
regulates habits. And habits are also very important. Therefore, it is safe to
say that the way which goes to a happy life starts from inside of people.

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addition to self-knowledge, worthy goals are also necessary for a happy life.
First, they make people feel better when people achieve them. This one is the
direct and obvious effect of worthy goals. This is a scientific truth:
achieving a goal stimulates dopamine receptors on the human brain and that
brings a sense of accomplishment which ultimately cause happiness. And this
also brings a sense of satisfaction which is regarded as the ultimate purpose
of life by many philosophers. It is clear that satisfaction is a motive that
keeps us alive. But setting goals is even more useful. In other words, there
are also some indirect beneficial results of it. Second important effect of
setting worthy goals is that it leads more productive life. And more productive
life means more happy life because of the fact that humans are the animals that
are happy to produce something. Since it motivates people, they can do their
bests so that they can get success which means happiness. It seems that without
enough motivation, nothing can be done. And setting goals are also important
since it causes more organized life by reshaping people’s life. To achieve some
goals, people can make some sacrifices. For example, many students do not do
many things which they want to do while preparing for the university entrance
exam. This is because of their long-term goal. That makes their life more
organized, therefore, makes them happier. Nobody can attain happiness while
living a non-organized life. Thus, worthy goals are key to happiness since
human beings are designed to set and achieve goals and to enjoy the paths those
goals lead they on.

conclusion, it is possible to think the way of life that goes to a happy life
as a bumpy road. There are many obstacles to deal with to reach happiness. People
should know abilities of their cars to complete this journey. And the driver of
the car should aim at the end of the road. Without targets, the driver would be
lost and cannot reach the end of the road which means ultimate happiness.
Likewise, to live happy lives, first of all, people should have clear goals and
know themselves. In brief, self-knowledge and worthy goals are vital things to
live a happy life.