Wotan follow him and serve him like a father.

Wotan is the
German Norse God Odin. He was the King of all Norse Gods. Such as Zeus (king of
Greek Gods). However, Odin is the Lord of the Nordic myths. It belongs to the
Eschishian and controls the souls of the wind, war, magic, inspiration, and the
dead. Wotan, Voden, and so on. Odin means rage or frenzy. Wednesday of today is
derived from the name of Odin, which means ‘Day of Odin’. The eldest son of Bor
and Vestula, the oldest of the gods, all the gods follow him and serve him like
a father. He is skilled in magic and can transform into any form. His main
skill is Gungnir, which never misses. He also used a cane called Ganbantein, which
was received from Hollebrad. Odin was fighting fiercely with his brother Billy
and Bay in a fight with the head of the Frost giant, Ymir, and eventually won
by killing him (fell into the blood and drowned). So Odin took the body of
Yimir as a primordial abyss, and made the earth with his flesh, the bones made
of mountains and rocks, the toes made of stone and jade, the blood made of lake
and sea. One day stumbled upon the brothers and stood by the sea, found two
logs floating on the water, he picked it up, and then cut them to create human
men and women. The men were called Askr the women were named Embra. Odin gave
them respiration and life, wisdom and strength to borrow, Bay to form,
language, and perception.