World main goal for Japan was to gain territory

World War 2 was one of the most destructive and scientific wars of all time. Dozens of countries in Europe were struck down by the Nazis, new equipment was put to the test, (like the two atomic bombs sent to Japan at the end of the war), new battle gear was used like the Bismarck, new German Tanks were used and were  bigger than any tanks seen in history.  The Nazis did lots of things, but one of them is occupation of  countries. So obviously there was resistance all over Europe. One of the other parts of World War 2 was the War in the east.War in the eastThis part of the war was fought by Japan, China, Part of the Soviet Union, and the United States. Japan was probably the strongest fighter in that area. It’s main goal for Japan was to gain territory of the U.S. they tried to start by bombing Pearl Harbor. All this did was make the U.S. be part of the war. The U.S. was now fighting The Nazis and Japan. In Europe, things were going differently with slave labor.Slave laborMillions of people were enslaved in World War 2. Most of them were Slavs and Jews, but mostly Jews. Also people that did not want to follow the Nazi rule were enslaved. Some people were sent to forced labor camps, and others were sent to concentration camps. The Nazis made the slaves work for hours with little comfort, food, and water. Being a slave at that time was the hardest thing to do. Most of this slavery was happening in the east side of Europe do to the heavy population of Jews. Eastern Europe and the Jews In eastern Europe, life under Nazi control was worse than anything in the west. Since the east was heavily populated with Slavs and Jews, the Nazi needed to occupate the east side if they wanted to track down every single Jew in Europe. Slavs and Jews were considered subhuman to the Nazis Occupation and Resistance in FranceOne of the biggest resistance groups in World War 2 was the Free French, but it did not grow until a little general called Charles De Gaulle encouraged the French soldiers to join him to try and take the Nazis out of their country. There were 100,000 French soldiers. Only 7,000 of them decided to follow De Gaulle. Since that group of soldiers was too small to stop the Nazis, De Gaulle needed to gain trust from the USA and from Great Britain. De Gaulle did not show to President Roosevelt that he was worthy to be helped by them. Great Britain was trying to tell De Gaulle that he only led the Free French, but De Gaulle kept saying that he led all of France. Then De Gaulle searched for the Free French and forced the allies to treat France as a friend in the war and not as a occupied country like many others. With the 7,000 French Soldiers, The Free French, and regular French folk, they were able to stop  some Nazi armies from stopping the allies from claiming victory in different beaches in D-day.Life in GermanyGermany expanded over 1939 and 1940. They always had problems on materials. The material that they had the most shortages was oil. The Nazis were allies with the Soviet Union, but since they were running very short on oil, the Nazis turned on the Soviet Union to gain more territory and steel the oil land that the Soviet Union had. By the time the Nazis tried to get to the Soviet Union, they had already used all of their savings in oil, so the Nazis suffered shortages of oil for the rest of the war. Even though Germany passed through this, they were able to still keep their occupations.The start of Occupation The Nazis occupied Norway, Ukraine, Northern France, part of The Soviet Union, Belgium, The Netherlands, Serbia, Denmark, and part of Croatia. Most of the countries that were occupied were needed by the Nazis so they can get some of the resources that they lacked from. By occupying Norway, they got a big supply of aluminum, and the Nazis got a easier way to get to Switzerland so they can get iron, that they also lacked. The countries that were not occupied were Czechoslovakia, the rest of The Soviet Union, Great Britain, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vichy France, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. Most of these countries were not occupied because they were not part of the war. World War 2 was a very unique war. Adolf Hitler ended up committing suicide. Not the best way to end the Nazi rule. A few extra things that were part of the war. Some British sailors found a German coder, so they cut the war by 2 years. Japan got 2 nuclear bombs to the face, and then they gave up. We do not want another war like this so help us show the world that war is not the solution.