With The module requires the house owner to register

the increasing demands for automation in daily life, remotely controlling
appliances has become a hot topic. It takes the mundane, day-to-day activities
involved in managing the house and leaves them to a remote device, freeing the
user of manual work. Humans tend to forget things and if they leave their
electrical appliances turned on unnecessarily, a high cost has to be spent for
electricity. In the modern fast developing world with the
advancements in technologies, the quality of life also has to be improved.


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Controlling Home Appliances” refers to the control of home appliances from a remote
point. Automation is today’s’ fact, where more things are being completed every
day automatically, usually the basic tasks of turning on or off certain devices
and beyond, either remotely or in close proximity. This project enables to
control the appliances with the help of a mobile application which is easily
portable and reliable. The drastic development in the field of technology has
emerged to improve the quality of living for the humans.

system consists of five modules. They are as follows:-

Ø  Authentication

Ø  House
Owner Module

Ø  House
Member Module

Ø  Control
Appliances Module

Ø  Status
Report Module


Authentication is the process
of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it is
declared to be. In private and public computer networks (including the
Internet), authentication is commonly done through the use of logon

module is to authenticate the users of the system so that they are authorized users
to access the system.

password: The user can use this link when they forget the same
by providing the e-mail address.

House Owner Module

House Owner Module provides the administrator privileges to the owner of the
house. This module has a default logon credentials that can be modified anytime
by the owner. The owner has complete control of the entire system. This module
incorporates the following sub modules.

Member Module: The module requires the house owner to
register a new member providing the necessary details and after which the new
member can logon to the system by using the credentials and utilize it. The
owner is the sole administrator and the rest of the users are registered as
members of the system.

Member Module: 
The owner can anytime remove a member for the system by providing the
user code owing to any misappropriate behavior or any other reasons thereby
terminating their access.

Credentials Module: This module is used to change the
existing personal credentials of the owner. Modifying the credentials over a
period of time increases the security of the system which in turn provides

Identification Module: Using the module, the house owner can view the list
of members who are part of the system. It makes the owner aware of the all the
members who have access to it. The owner can also use this module to retrieve
the user code of any member when they forget it.

Member Module

The module permits the authorized house member to
access the system and control the appliances. The member is registered by the
house owner using the register member module. The member has an abstracted view
of the system owing to their identity. The activities of all the members are
constantly made a note and stored in the database.  This module incorporates the below sub module.

Credentials Module: This module is used to change the
existing personal credentials of the member. As the default credentials will be
set by the house owner the member can modify their credentials to gain
confidence while accessing the system. The member can also change their
credentials over a period of time to ensure the security of the system and
their identity.