????: with such unfair situation. A stereotype of girls

????: Statement of purpose

Degree: Master

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Course: Mathematics and Foundation of Computer Science

University: Oxford University, UK

Author: Adiba Ziyoeva, Tajikistan


I, Ziyoeva Adiba, am a 21 year old graduate of Branch
Moscow State University after M.V.Lomonosov in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Long ago I have realized a thing… Whenever I see cars
my eyes just fall at their number plates (it’s a four-digital number in
Tajikistan), and automatically I start to think and calculate how 2 last
numbers can be derived from first 2, or how three last numbers can be derived
from first. Similar with mobile phone’s numbers, times, and other numerical
things. I noticed that it just happens automatically, maybe it’s by nature – my brain is a fan of math
and I might be the owner of an analytical mind.

I cultivated an intense interest in mathematics as
early as my elementary school. When teachers were giving some solving
exercises, it was my goal to solve it first and correctly. Same in high school.
I liked Mathematics a lot. It was my favorite subject. I was trying to come
through all exercises, giving myself a challenge when there were triple
asterisk questions which meant that this question has highest difficulty level,
and I was feeling the happiest person whenever I’ve had solved such exercise. Even
though I was good in all subjects and finished my school with distinction, I
realized that I gave my heart to math.

I attempted to participate in Olympiad but I was
refused because I am a girl, and my school accepted girls only for biology
Olympiad. I was angry, and very upset with this unfairness. I was better than my
peers, consistently achieving exceptional scores in every final-term
examination. Although they started to except girls after a year either, but I
was already older and got more upset with such unfair situation. A stereotype
of girls that they can’t have good logic and be good at math, maybe that was
one of the reasons of unfairness that I faced by that times. I guess in my high
school I just ruined that stereotype, and I was named as “tashnai donish” which
means “a person who has thirst for knowledge” in Tajik. Who knows maybe if I
had more opportunities that times I could become better… Circumstances really
affect a person in my opinion. And if I was in Olympiad team I could go much
further than I’m now. Anyway, I’m really thankful for my high school as it’s
not only me, but due to my high school I have good basic knowledge on all
school subjects, furthermore it is the most prestige high school in my

Even though in my childhood I wanted to become a
doctor, my love towards mathematics took me to Branch Moscow State University
after M.V.Lomonosov in Dushanbe to undergraduate program in “Applied
mathematics and Computer Science. The theoretical foundations of Computer
Science were always the most intellectually satisfying, stimulating and
intriguing. Discrete mathematics, theory of computation, cryptography, data
structures and algorithms have inspired me to excel throughout my undergraduate

As I fell in love with computer science, I discovered
the thrill and satisfaction of solving problems algorithmically just like I
felt during school times and I started growing a motivated habit of completing
weeks’ worth of projects in matters of day and night. Every piece of work was
an incomparable exhilarating experience as intense work to tight deadlines
became second nature. Being able to absorb and implement new concepts at a
rapid pace encouraged me to develop a positive attitude towards educating my
peers various topics of our studies, especially those involving complex

I am painfully aware of the fact that in Tajikistan one has very limited
chances to apply practical mathematics skills and to experience advanced
computer knowledge. Although I have received bachelor’s degree, I still face
the predicament resulting from the break between theory and practice when I
come to tackle practical problems. I have been made aware of the fact that my
systematic and formal trainings are far from sufficient. Hence, my
determination to go abroad to seek further studies at some prestigious
universities. Now my aim is to make my math knowledges used in Computer Science
really strong by applying to your University to this course, so then I will be
able to continue my studies in computer science. As computer science really
depends on math as well as on logical thinking which in return, can be improved
by math.


confident that I will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance,
and optimism that I used to show during school times and undergraduate program.
And I believe that I will be able to overcome any challenges.

As the person I have grown into, and confident I can
pursue a career in research as well as sharing my knowledge through teaching. I’m
even a math tutor to a senior now, for free. He is from a low-income family,
and country schools really lack many teachers. I want everyone to have
opportunity to study in prestige and well-educating Universities despite
financial difficulties. Oxford gives many full scholarships and is one of the
best universities in the world. As my country’s and family’s income are low, I
hope I can be the one who worth a scholarship.

Regarding my goals for the future, I plan to take what
I learn in the UK and apply it to the computing industry in my native country.
This industry is rapidly growing and shows great potential, yet compared to other,
more advanced countries it is still in its relative infancy. By studying in
your master’s program, I expect to have the expertise, the perspective, and the
experience necessary to lead our industry to a new era. I also have many
friends with similar goals, and I hope that we can one day collaborate to put
our country on the map as an innovative force in the computing world.

I am thankful of everyday of my life to have found
something that I truly love and dreams that reflect my personality. Last but
not least, I would like to thank the admission committee for their time and
effort. I look forward to joining Oxford as a graduate student at your esteemed

Yours sincerely,