With smart mobile phones can likewise improve the conveyance

 With appearance and enlargement of mobile devices, ubiquitous computing is popular day by day in present days and user focusing for task compilation on it. There are different number of platform developed guides to the developer about design principles, context acquisitions, context representation, context reasoning and storing and handling. Context architecture and toolkit is designed that contains combination of features and abstraction to support context aware application to designers also provides the translation of description.   Context aware application designed to get response in constant change occurs in environment. Context awareness will be the basic property in every smart phone application in future, which already gained a lot of interest from a large number of user group. Context is a key parameter organized through different models and framework which generated different approaches for text acquire and managed.  There is different example of context aware application, like system for Physiological monitoring, Security monitoring and assistance, functional monitoring, cognitive and sensory monitoring, emergency detection and response, safety monitoring and assistant, and social interaction monitoring and assistance. (see Table A.1 in supplemental material for more details) 1. More prefer able system in context-based system that are designed around information about the user, status, cognitive, location and provide services according to the information.  Furthermore, context aware system has ability to get data from sensor, biometric function or tiny devices using software application, which combined using different methodology and utilized in new domain which improve person health, known as healthcare. The abilities (e.g., sensors) of smart mobile phones can likewise improve the conveyance of these applications. There is different type of smart devices available at market which imbedded with person body like jawbone, fitbit, pebble, emotiv, muse, OmSignal, Sensoria, mimo, mc10 and footlogger which gain data using different source from human body. Thus, for more understanding we explore about context, context aware system, context aware multi agent systems.