With Intersight holidays (1 month). Most of my responsibilities

With this letter I would like to express my interest
in pursuing my Masters in ____________________ at ______________ University,

My passion for Accounting and Economics led me to
choose my undergraduate studies in Commerce (B.Com) from St. Joseph’s college,
Bangalore. Faced with this academic discipline, I also had exposure to subjects
like _______, ________ and __________. I also underwent 6 months training from
IMS Proschool in “R” software for a course in Business Analytics. With an
intention of learning beyond classroom, I took up responsibility in organizing
various technical events, seminars and workshops. I was also the event head
co-ordinator for photography events conducted in the college. I could
demonstrate my leadership qualities and effective communication skills being
the vice-captain of school. With passion towards sports and photography, I have
participated and won awards in district and state level competitions.

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During my summer break, I took up internships at
Airtel Relationship Centre (2 months), Vivanta by Taj (1 month) and Intersight
holidays (1 month). Most of my responsibilities included working in the front
office and also exposure to backend work. I also had study tours around various
countries in Europe. Having international exposure in working with a
multicultural populace has helped me adapt easily to any environment. With
hands on experience, I realised the importance of Accounting in the working of
business world. It is a direct result of my acknowledgement of the significance
of the subject that I choose to look for further education and profession in
this field. With an expansion and ever growing importance of business in
today’s world, the requirement of advanced training has dawned upon me to face
the ever changing reality of business world.

Given the significance of globalization in the
administration and advancement of organizations, a training that does not
completely address the universal and multi cultural substances of the cutting edge
world is deficient. This thought motivated me to apply to your university. With
its blend of students from various foundations is a genuine microcosm of
worldwide business world and along these lines, _____________ is a perfect
place to seek after advanced training in business based education. Internationally
known for its high standards of academics and faculty, I chose to enroll for
Master’s in _____________. By pursuing my Master’s in your highly reputed
institution, I hope to redesign my own expert capacities and hone the skill set
required to stand out as a professional in Accounting.