With convertkit. With a list of 1,000 subscribers, ConvertKit

With the advent of social
media and a host of new ways to market your brand and products online, many
businesses demotivates the affects of an email which can be used as a marketing
channel. If you’re still on the fence about investing the time and effort into
crafting a newsletter, then read on to see what all options you have got. Newsletters
nowadays are the most efficient way for a company to communicate with the
clients and followers, and they can generate leads and sales that will help
your business grow.



1. AWeber

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Talking about the key
features of AWeber it includes the ability to import / host an email database,a
wide range of templates, autoresponders, split testing options, segmentation
options, email and live chat support and many more. Talking about the templates
available aweber provides one of the largest sets of e-newsletters
templates available, over 700 available.

Plans it offers starts from
$19 to $149 a month



2. GetResponse

The set of features
in  Getresponse are arguably one of the
most comprehensive out there. Getresponse represents one of the most
cost-effective ways to host and communicate with their email database. It also
allows to add subscribers to the mailing list on both a single-opt in and a
double opt-in basis. One can also use the free trial version where one can try out all its features free for 30 days without even to add the credit card details of the user. The pricing
plans varies from $15 to $580 according to different subscribers.


3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a relatively new player in the email marketing software market. The
only drawback it has is the cost factor. They don’t have a free plan and their
cheapest package starts at $29, not low-cost at all. The areas or the features
in which convertkit deserves appreciation is the support is quick, friendly and
effective. The flexibility when managing subscribers via its tagging system is
quite good as well. However, the feature of available designs and the landing
page system is a little disapointing when compared to the cost, as these
features are also available within other tool at much cheap prices than
convertkit. With a list of 1,000 subscribers, ConvertKit has the same price
point at $29 a month.


4. MailerLite

MailerLite, in comparison
with other email marketing tools is somehow a step ahead in the competition, as
the software is incredibly progressive it works perfectly across all the other
devices. MailerLite is a very sophisticated and straightforward email marketing
tool that comes loaded with a rich set of features and  functionalities.MailerLite also grants you
the ability to track your email statistics. Emails and newsletters created and
delivered with MailerLite are optimized for the mobile devices that means the
pages will look great on a smartphone or tablet as they are on a desktop,
allowing your subscribers to read and consume your content with whatever device
they are using. MailerLite offers a flexible enterprise pricing scheme based on
the number of subscribers you have. Price starts at $10 per month or $84 per
year for 1,001 to 2,500 subscribers.


5. Drip

 While there are many tools for email marketing
or at least sending out regular newsletters, not many of these tools give you
advanced automation features. Drip is not a simple newsletter marketing tool
but is also a complete email marketing automation suite. It does offers a lot
of advanced features too. Workflows are a truly unique feature in Drip and do
not exist in any other email marketing tool before it. The pricing plans start
at $49 per month.



6. MailChimp

 MailChimp has introduced an updated mobile app
that lets you craft and send campaigns from an Android or iOS device. Many
small businesses chooses MailChimp because it provides professional email
marketing services for free, ofcourse for a specified period of time. If yours is the business with specific needs, like
powerful marketing automation, or with own tracking-domain, then you may give
mailchimp a try. The plans starts at $10 a month.


7. Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is not
only working towards having marketers send fewer email, while it also gives an
option to achieve better results. Boasting many features and integrations, as
well as quick and friendly support, they can be considered as a powerhouse
newsletter marketing tool. While at the first glance some of the pages such as
the Dashboard can seem a little busy and a little tough to grasp at once but
it’s not hard to understand, and it is quite useful to have all the information
gathered at a place. Sometimes, the features are quite overwhelming as compared
to the other tools available.


8. Campaign Monitor

The best part is it Creates pixel-perfect designs with the drag-and-drop
tools and uses powerful automation workflows to send relevant and personalized
emails.  Slightly pricier to get started
with in the beginning fewer choices when it comes to automated workflows.
Campaign Monitor’s tools gives an option to customize and expand their email
lists in order to target relevant contacts with relevant messages. The solution
also provides real-time information regarding the email performance and
campaign activity. When is comes to pricing it is free to send emails to 5
subscribers/$9/month for up to 500 subscribers and all core features included.



9. Sumo

Sumo has well designed set of tools that can help make your website more
effective. Whether you want to grow the email list, get more social shares,
increase your sales, understand your audience in a much efficient way, and much
more, Sumo can help.It is quite easy to use with an intuitive user interface.
Has detailed settings and controls to help you get the best results. Apart from
having such modern tools it does have some cons as well, the free version does
include visitor-facing branding. The premium plans that has been offered by
sumo is relatively expensive. In the beginning it is free for the user and the
most basic plan starts at $48 a month.



10. Constant

Their reputation in the
market continues to encourage many business owners to connect more directly
with their markets through the email campaigns. Constant Contact still offers a
free 60-day trial period, and their prices are now considered competitive in
the marketplace. Constant Contact provides a range of marketing applications
designed to help small businesses.

But lately there
are numerous reports online from customers who have complained about
difficulties in canceling accounts and were being billed after the cancellation
too. Contrary to the new in business it does not allow auto-responders. Pricing
plan $125 a month.


Keeping the requirements,
features and pricing plans in mind one can easily come to a conclusion for
selecting the best email marketing tool.