“Whoever millions of other patients the opportunity to live

“Whoever kills a soul – it is as if he had slain mankind
entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely”
(Quran: Al-Ma’dah: 32) I believe pharmacy relates to this quote from the Quran
as it is an area of science which uses scientific  knowledge of how a mixture of chemical
substances work together to influence the bodies elements while concurrently
contributing to an individual’s health. The evolution of science has
contributed to the improvement of medications, such as how they influence the
society and how they function. The development of antibiotics has changed
society’s perspective on life-threatening illnesses such as pneumonia or other
conditions like acne. Also, when insulin was introduced it changed the lives of
diabetic patients. It also gave millions of other patients the opportunity to
live a free of suffering, healthier and a longer life. Medicine is not only
used to save patients’ lives, it’s also used to improve the quality of their


To further explore the world of pharmacy, I organised
work experience in a local pharmacy, this gave me the opportunity to observe
many of the essential practical aspects of a career in pharmacy, including the
importance of communication when discussing issues with drug administration and
the processing of prescriptions. Working in the pharmacy I also learned that
when undertaking the consultation it is fundamental to carry it out in a
supportive environment, taking account of safety, comfort, confidentiality,
dignity, and respect of the patient. Furthermore, Virgo Fidelis provided me
with the opportunity to participate in the first aid course, this meant that I
had to carry out a few tasks, also I was allowed to acquire interpersonal
skills which strengthened my communication and leadership skills. Additionally,
taking up the first aid course gave me the opportunity to realise the
importance of teamwork, understanding, and sympathy while interacting with
patients during the tasks. To add on to this, I have also volunteered at a care
home, this allowed me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Working with the elderly was highly rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to
help build their confidence and motivate them to participate in the activities
provided by the care home. While working in the care home I realised that the
majority of the elderly had serious medical conditions which were upsetting to
see, even though it was relieving to see how beneficial their treatment was.
The pharmaceutical industry has a huge influence on the society’s wellbeing
which strengthens my belief that this is the career for me.

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Coming from an underprivileged background as an Afghan who
has witnessed the wrath of illnesses and diseases on mankind, I feel inclined
to help the disadvantaged by expanding my existing knowledge of the
pharmaceutical industry. As a result, I have come to understand what Louis
Pasteur had once said “science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to
humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world” I believe that if one
desires better living conditions, one has to devote themselves to the crucial
idea that health is priceless, the satisfaction obtained from improving an individual’s
health is what inspires me to take a degree in pharmaceuticals.