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While travelling along the usual path of life, have you ever stumbled upon a hidden pocket of your universe, of your personality? A hidden pocket that has led you to a million new pockets? About 5 years ago, I pressed the enter key on my computer and on a black screen, I saw the message “Hello World” appear. As every beginner, I started off with the simplest codes and have developed them into codes that amaze even me. I am interested in research in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. My entrepreneurial pursuits require a proper education in the field of Business which would help me develop the skills necessary to run a company. My interest in the fields is not only supported by my thirst for knowledge but my desire to never stop. By learning the advances in Artificial intelligence from some of the most involved professors in the world, I will be capable of creating machines and software that will improve my community. Studying Artificial Intelligence at a university that is more advanced than any other is a once in a lifetime chance to turn my ideas into a reality. The combined Business and Computer Science course will perfectly help me pursue my passions and help me work hard towards my future goals.Innovative, future envisioned and a problem solver are three words I would use to describe myself. These are also the aspects that can be used to describe the work ethics and education at Carnegie Mellon. These similar prospects are what have led me believe that Carnegie Mellon is the university where I will succeed beyond my limits. My passion and want to study and excel has always been the most important feature of me as a person and at Carnegie’s hands on learning environment, I will be able to express myself in a place that values my work ethics and where my advancement is placed at the highest esteem. The advanced and perfect Information Systems course at Carnegie suit me, as I would use the research based approach to learning algorithm building, pattern finding and problem solving to work on my computer science interests and I would use the Business Ventures of the course in order to set me up for the entrepreneur I want to be. The course’s focus on people, process and technology make it the best course offered anywhere. The liberal arts aspect of the Information Systems course are met by my enthusiastic efforts and interest in activities such as MUNs and Youth Parliaments. The tenacious work environment of Carnegie that believes in putting not only one’s effort but also their heart into their work will drive me to work harder and excel not only myself in the field but also the field itself. Carnegie Mellon appeals to the creative side of a person by providing access to courses such as glass blowing as extracurricular that will not help me relax and explore the artist in me, but also focus more on my majors. The university would allow me to formulate my ideal education and provide me with opportunities that perfectly fit my portfolio, not only allowing me to thrive in a hard working environment but also help me develop my passions and excel in my fields.I would like to do research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with professors such as David Plaut whose experience in cognitive sciences, and professor Maria Florina Balcan’s experience in Machine Learning will help take computers to the next level. I would also take part in the Quantum Computing aspects available at Carnegie Mellon to improve my knowledge in advanced computing. As an aspiring entrepreneur, learning and researching important business skills under the guidance of professors such as Cleotilde Gonzalez will propel me towards my career. The startup atmosphere at Carnegie Mellon is also very inviting. The presence of some of the best startup companies in the campus area make it a very exciting place to be and work in. The research in fields like automotive automation, being done in one of Carnegie’s labs will also provide first hand experience of Artificial Intelligence technologies being applied to real world uses, which also happens to be the field I would be doing research in. As someone, who aims to find their self within the entrepreneurial sector, Carnegie Mellon’s vast ties with the world of technology and business, Brilliant research labs and uniquely flexible courses only underscores it as an even more suitable choice.There are a plethora of opportunities and internships present in the the city of Pittsburg and these will give me an opportunity to learn from the best. Pittsburgh is home to several Fortune 500 Companies and the reach of internships at these companies will provide a very good outlook on the business and management side of running a company. Not only is the city of Pittsburg filled with opportunities, but the campus itself is littered with students from all around the world forming a global network. From my participation in Model UNs I have learned that global knowledge is a necessity in the success of any organization and with the universal diversity of students present at Carnegie Mellon, I will be able to explore this global culture and also connect with the people I may work with one day. The diversity of not just cultures but also the academic body are what make Carnegie Mellon the best suited university for me. In the modern globalizing world, it is necessary to involve oneself in the community and the student government body and community service campaigns will help me accomplish this goal. My goal of traversing through my creative side will also be matched by Carnegie Mellon’s exciting artistic opportunities. Hard work, being at the core of academics at Carnegie Mellon will motivate me to excel in the college society and encourage me to put “My Heart in my Work” and avail every opportunity presented to me to the fullest.