Which Way Does My Moral Compass Essay

When thinking about nursing it is assumed that you must be of a certain stature, you must do all the right things and have all the right answers. Your morality must be up there with Mother Theresa. Is that the case? In this paper intend to kick at my values, (personal, cultural, and spiritual). I will examine how they may contribute to my view of nursing and nursing practice.

In addition my reality, ethics will be defined in relation to my obligation of nursing, as well as how my personal belief systems may interfere with what others may consider “ethically right’, creating ethical dilemmas and how I have confronted and resolved these situations in my nursing profession. Values In researching it is said that values are what use to guide are lives, we have our own unique set of rules (values) that steer us in to what we hold dear and it impacts how we live our lives from the people we marry, if we marry? The jobs we choose etc. Personal values, beliefs”, 2010). My values have always been deeply embedded in me, my core beliefs to always remain honest and accountable, compassionate and caring. Do not know where these beliefs came from I just know they have always been there, my parents were not around and I had no spiritual influence to speak of and no real cultural upbringing that contributed to my value system. The best I can conclude is was born this way. All I know is it has always been here, and I believe it is a great contributor to my nursing profession.

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It guides me daily in he compassionate care I deliver, the patience I have to listen, the dedication and self-respect to always give superior care and the deep inclination to make a difference in another person’s life. Morals and Ethics In nursing; values, morals and ethics are a staple to this profession. Ethics provide the framework that you build your body of moral choices and the ability to examine the implications of one’s moral choices. Ethics is the common moral choice, it is what is thought to be the social norm of what everyone thinks is right or wrong. (Hoboken, A. 2008) When it comes to morals ND values you have to respect not only yourself but your patients and families as well. You have to learn to except that what you value and what another person may value can be two different things. Ultimately you have to respect that person’s belief system as long as it is not illegal off course. In nursing, ethical dilemmas emerge when trying to find what the right course is. There is never a right answer, undoubtedly someone will suffer, you must find the greater good in the scenario and based on your personal belief systems there may be no greater good to you.

Ethical dilemmas Ethical dilemmas are constantly occurring in my workplace, my personal values often get in the way of making a rational, appropriate decisions. I feel my values of honesty are challenged when I am asked to check of a crash cart stating it was full, three days ago. I feel challenged when being asked to waste a medication that didn’t see. Also witness things that may not be by the books or as ordered but are for the greater good of the patient. In these situations do tell the nurses to stop, even though it benefits the patient? Do I look the other way?

Because at the core of my nursing beliefs I Want to help people, help them feel less pain, help them get better. The biggest ethical dilemma faced was a post-part Jehovah witness girl. I watched her lay there with her newborn and she seemed so in love but sick as well, barely 19 and so beautiful. Unfortunately she lost too much blood in her delivery and required a transfusion. The girl was informed that she would die if she did not receive the blood. The husband and the elder of their group adamantly said no! The girl said it was there decision. I was enraged.

To watch a beautiful full of life new mom fade from pink to white, and slowly watch the life leave her body was the ultimate ethical dilemma. Do you as a nurse lose your license and figure out how to give her the blood without the family knowing. Do you beg and plead with the girl to change her mind. In this profession we are taught to do no harm and to save lives, this was the ultimate test to my morality, ethics, respect for others and understanding. Ultimately even though we begged and pleaded with the girl, which went against the whole expecting someone’s choices and spiritual/cultural beliefs which in itself was ethically wrong.

The girl died five days later. It changed me. The ethical dilemma was resolved in my acceptance. I accepted my role, I understand my role, my role to support her choices, my role to comfort her and make her feel in peace in her last days. On that day I hated my role. IN CONCLUSION believe that morals, values and ethics are important, I think that guide me as a nurse in the right direction as well as a person in life. I believe that without morality or ethics you would be unable to be in the nursing profession.

I think that my moral compass is pointed in the right direction most of the time, it may flick to the left or right sometimes when need be for the greater good, but otherwise its direction is pretty solid.