When of every shift, every staff member, take part

When their basic needs are
respected, workers are proud of their company and satisfied with their job. The
effectiveness of even higly skilled employees will be limited if they are not
motivated to perform. HRM practices can affect employee motivation by
encouraging them to work both harder and smarter . In the
Landmark London, at the beginning of every shift, every staff member, take part
in a 10 minutes team meeting. This time is used to review the hotel’s goals and
to discuss commitment to qualityIf
a manager wants the staff to be performant, he needs to find some ways to comunicate
and improve their performance. In that case, he has to find strategies to
satisfy the goals of the company and to put his employees at work on the field
they are proefficient.  Indeed, employees
are more performant if they are putting their skills and abilities at use on a
specific domain in order to develop the business or to achieve the purpose of
the mission. After a job well done and when every parties are happy (clients,
customers, managers, head office) a reward can be given and the employee will
be more motivate for the future because he knows his work is appreciated and
valued. Nowadays, there is always a performance appraisal every 6 months or
every year. It gives the opportunity to exchange with the team separetely and
to understand what went wrong and what can the company improve for the future.
It is a feedback for the company as well as for the employee because they will
let him know the expectations for next time. Landmark London favorize the
promotion that focus on employee merit if the employees meet the expectations
every year and if they helped the business to improve and to flourish.

McGregor theory about motivating workers on the job provides us elements put in
place by companies. Indeed, the employee who is not lazy will strive to his job
and his missions, make good choices and be ambitious all along (Appendix 2).  An other way to motivate employees is

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