When myself to participate in the award whilst also

When I reflect back to when I started college, I remember
being very interested of my Business Studies, I remember starting the course
and I knew that I wanted to study Business management when my class and I went
through the subject content in managing people involving staffing, recruitment,
etc. I found organizational design the most interesting because it shows how
different organizations have different cultures and management.


At Leyton Sixth Form, I’ve also found other subjects
interesting like, Psychology and Economics. I think some insight in Psychology
is essential because it gives you an understanding into the influences that go
into people’s decisions and the motivational theories of needs that go into
managing and growing business.

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Economics studies showed me how consumers, companies and the
government make decisions to allocate resources.


After reading
GirlBoss by by Sophia Amoruso, it showed me her struggles as an entrepreneur
managing her growing business. I understand the qualities of successful
entrepreneurs and managers. Also that you must start thinking more positively
and be self-aware of your thoughts.  She
demonstrated that to stand out she had to be passionate and most of all it
reminded me of staying true to myself.


One of
my strengths is the ability to make decisions and apply strategies to
situations, including methods of management, pricing strategies and methods of

In my extra time in school I am involved in being a tutor
rep, involves watching school plays or researching a topic that I have to
present to the tutor class and I am a member of the Duke of Edinburg Forum,
involves making presentations or talks at schools, youth centres of my borough
and college about the award and how it benefits a person and their schools. I took
this because I wanted to represent and encourage more young people such as
myself to participate in the award whilst also completing the Gold award this
year after Bronze and Silver. This is because I find that people tend to shy
away from hiking and camping because they’ve never tried it or are afraid but
as soon as they complete the practice expedition they feel motivated to
complete the award. I think is not about the award itself but a proof of your
worth something you achieved and proud of, telling other people that you do not
shy away from challenges.

I think
it is relevant to Business management because either as a team member or leader
you will face challenges that you have to overcome as a team to achieve an


I also
work part-time at McDonalds. It has taught me the way to deal with different
customers and their needs with good customer service. Also, that the value of
what you can achieve in a day of work. My overall experience in the workplace
has taught me the value of teamwork, hard work and self-discipline.


I look
forward to life at university and challenges that will prepare me for the
business management world.