When Bank of England beingable to set the interest

When I was eleven I would deliver newspapers for money. This experience led to my curiosityabout the power that money holds. An object which is desired by many people. The influence offinance is apparent in many significant aspects of life, including decisions made by powerfulofficials; Which is why I believe learning the system of pecuniary is an important skill inorder to comprehend the decisions made which would affect society in the future. I want tobecome someone who understands the system and it is just one of a plethora of things thatenraptures me into Accountancy & Finance.I am passionate to increase my knowledge of monetary and I like to keep updated with modernaffairs through the BBC News and the Forbes Website; I trust that in doing so I have gainedawareness into many issues and matters which are not included in the academic system such asTheresa May defending capitalism views supporting the concept of The Bank of England beingable to set the interest rates for the UK and how this has affected companies such as carimporters ‘Torque GT’ due to other political situations like Brexit which has caused shareprices to fluctuate. Learning of such things has informed me that the subject of Financeinfluences everybody’s life, even those in foreign countries and this has further consolidatedmy desire to study Accounting & Finance at a higher educational level. Also, I have read bookslike ‘The Machine that Changed the World’ by James P. Womack and ‘Too Big to Fail’ by AndrewR. Sorkin and deciphered that business concepts can change the whole way in which businessesfunction and operate and how with a simple change a whole industry can be revolutionised.Currently, I am studying A Level Courses in Psychology, Media Studies and Information Technologies which give me a large variety of skills as the subjects are verydifferent in many ways but end up improving my general abilities as a student, Media Studieshas heavily increased my analytical and subjective writing skills. Inside this course, I haveenjoyed many sections which involve budgeting and the whole process to marketing a movieproduction and the techniques used by distributors and promoters to gather media attentionthus leading to a larger audience viewing the production which leads to an increased profitmade. Psychology has increased my essay writing skills and has further developed analyticalskills as the subject is very detailed and in many situations, variables are heavily involvedas well as open world situations such as the cultures that other people live inside which hasincreased my ability to interpret extraneous variables. Also, a section of the course consistsof Research Methods where problem-solving is essential to determine certain variables such aswhat Stat-test is appropriate to use. This has further made me more self-assured. ICT hasallowed me to improve my computer skills further and critically evaluate information.Moreover, I can keep up with changing technology and interpret data, this is useful because alarge part of ICT is often involved with arithmetical problems and problem-solving.My previous part-time job helping an independent shop owner gave me an insight into thedemands of working life and having worked there for a year, it gave me confidence in businessdue to the nature of the job, I was given the responsibility to deliver invoices to otherbusinesses and help create them frequently. I also learned skills like communicating withcustomers and my employer. My current part-time job is at a larger franchise H and workingas a sales associate I often work alone so I learnt how to use my own initiative andindependence which are very important skills if I wish to work inside the financial industry.My visionary career is to become a professionally qualified ACA accountant and an aspirationof mine is to specialise in Forensic Accountancy. However, I hope I don’t deliver anothernewspaper again.