What weight because these are the sources of nutrients,


What are nutrient and calorie
dense foods?


foods are both high in calories and nutrients. There are many healthy
high calorie foods which you can add to your diet which I have added to this post.
Make sure that you eat foods that
are nutritious and those that have high calorie content. Your body
should get all the essential minerals and vitamins, since improper diets lead
to weakness, fatigue and stress.

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Foods high in
calories and nutritional value include: olive oil, avocado, or whole grains


Foods high in
calories but with little nutritional value include: processed meats (sausages,
hot dogs), or ice cream.


for calories?


Millions of dollars
are spent each year on magazines, books, and weight gain supplements. Gaining
weight does not happen overnight. However if you are eating well and following
the correct ways then you will see a weekly and gradual increase.


If you are
underweight and struggling to plan a diet that falls in your caloric intake to
gain weight then try adding calorie and nutrient dense foods to your diet.


Choose healthier options


Not all foods are healthy for you such as some processed foods that
contain saturated fats and bad cholesterol.


It is easy to gain weight fast by just eating junk food which is high
in calories. Junk food may have a high calorie content but don’t forget it is
also high in saturated fat. If you are drinking fizzy drinks then know that it
is high in sugar. This is an unhealthy way to gain weight which can lead to
health problems in the future.


Choosing the right foods is essential for gaining
weight because these are the sources of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that
will revitalise the body. It is
important to eat the right foods and we should adopt the correct eating habits.
You will definitely feel the difference in your health, mood, and state of mind
should you implement a healthier way of eating as you gain weight.


Eat More Calories than Your
Body Burns


Understand your caloric balance. If you are living an active lifestyle
then you will have different nutritional and caloric needs than people who are sedentary.


Try the calorie tracking tool and determine how much calories you need
in relation to your current lifestyle. You can also work out your daily calorie