What that no one else had thought of before

What is Tropicália (also known as
Tropicalismo)? Tropicália
is a Brazilian cultural movement that was co-founded by Gilberto Gil with Caetano
Veloso in the late 1960s (“Movement”). Veloso had exhausted his creativity as a
musician and decided to create something new, that no one else had thought of
before in Brazilian pop. He formed a group of musicians, and together they
created what was known as the “rebel” movement in Brazilian history. The group
consisted of Caetano Veloso, Bahian artists Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, and Tom Zé, the
psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes, poets Torquato Neto and Capinam, and the
conductor and orchestral arranger, Rogério Duprat. The reason why Veloso
chose to have so many unique group members, that you normally wouldn’t consider
to be musicians (such as the poets), is because tropicália includes many art forms, such as theatre,
poetry, and music. Each of these art forms are characterized mostly by a
combination of popular, the avant-garde, and Brazilian culture with foreign
influences. The Tropicalists took a historic step forward into the Brazilian
music scene by using a combination of Brazilian and African rhythms, along with
some rock and roll, elements from world youth culture, psychedelia elements,
and the electric guitar (“Movement”).

some background information, Tropicália
was a type of cultural cannibalism, or social barbarianism. This means that it energized
the conflation of dissimilar impacts, out of which could be made something one
of a kind. The thought was initially advanced by artist Oswald de Andrade in
his Manifesto Antropófago, distributed in 1928, and was created advance by the
tropicalistas in the 1960s. The twin terms Tropicália and Tropicalismo, are completely interchangeable,
and have a few connotations and denotations. Their boundaries (which are nominal,
disciplinary, and temporal) do not make up epistemological or ideological problems,
but yet instead have statements or illuminations of range and intent are, in realistic
and sensible terms, instrumental for referencing and judging positions. 

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