What suffer these injustices at the hands of the

What are Human Rights? Human rights are rights that are entitled to human no matter what race, sex, ethnicity they also have the rights to freedom, work, and education without prejudice or discrimination.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights or UDHR was established in 1948 to provide for and protect the rights that all people are entitled to. The United States prizes sub on being a champion of the underserved, a beacon for those who seek refuge and a place where quality reigns and the American dream can be realized by all. The reality, however, is that human rights violations are a global problem and the United States is not an immune to it. In fact, The United States is a constant on the list of watchdog groups and organizations that monitor the human rights violations around the world. From the reports of these groups, it is evident that no country is without human rights violations against its citizens. Many countries like the United States  have violations in common. Throughout history to the present day, violations are perpetrated against the most vulnerable of society; women and children, minorities, and the impoverished. Unfortunately, they suffer these injustices at the hands of the various systems that were set up to protect them. The rights of women and children are at the forefront of the fight against human rights violations. The UDHR provides for adequate healthcare, social services, access to housing and security of privacy in person. In the US, women were denied adequate housing facilities after refusing the sexual advances of maintenance workers. Women and their children were left with leaky, moldy unsafe apartments in Federal housing projects. These abuses went on for years with reports being made all the way to the head of the housing commission and nothing was done about it. Only recently did a lawsuit come to light wherein hundreds of women have come forward. In North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky, children under 15 mostly Latino are working in tobacco fields and being subjected to unfair child labor laws and unsafe working conditions. In other countries, children and women are raped at alarming rates. Underage girls who are raped are often forced into arranged child marriages with their attackers who thereby escape prosecution. The UDHR has provisions that protect those with disabilities that they will enjoy the same rights as other citizens along with the right to participate fully in the cultural life and community. Here is some of the many example of the Universal Declaration of Human Right that should not be violated under no circumstances Article 2- Freedom from Discrimination no matter what race, sex or ethnicity a person everyone should be treated equal. The next UDHR is Article 4 Freedom from Slavery- Protect your rights as a human and not to be held in slavery.

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Article 11-Right to be Considered Innocent until Proven Guilty-Everyone who is charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty. Article 13-Right to Free Movement in and out of the Country-We as the people have the right to move anywhere we want to live no matter what state it is you have the right to stay there. Finally, Article 16-Right to Marriage and Family- Each person whether you are men or women have the rights to marry and make a family.

In conclusion, even though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established to proclaim the rights of all people in all nations it is a document that is hardly abided by. Many people are probably unaware that such a document even exists for their protection. What’s even more surprising is that the United States is in violation of many of the rights that have been outlined. The US, one of the most developed and industrialized countries in the world shares human rights violations with other countries that do not enjoy the wealth and advancements that the US does. All countries have been in violation of the rights of the most underserved in our population. Women, children, minorities and the poor should fare better and share the same rights and protections as everyone else with this document in place. Instead, it appears that they continue to suffer the most.