What required to reach my goals. A stint as

What governs our choices? Why would my father choose to smoke when it is injurious to his health? As an inquisitive child, I had a zillion queries about what was going on around me. To explore and find answers, I took up psychology as a career and pursued my undergraduate degree. Concepts of personality, perception, learning, motivation, decision making further peaked my interest in the subject and this compelled me to enrol for my Masters Degree in psychology.

While doing my masters, I was first introduced to the intricacies of the world of scientific research. I had the opportunity to participate in a qualitative project on sex worker’s account of Violence against women. The project involved focus group discussions with the sex workers. This marginalized group was selected to examine the causes of violence against women from their perspective. My project showed me that people need to reject the idea of violating women simply because they are women and exigencies for new laws to challenge this situation. Also, I was chosen to present the findings at a national conference in India. Being able to interact with distinguished researchers at the conference further inspired me to take up more projects .My dissertation paper was to explore the correlates of metacognitive judgments on student’s performance. While discussing the results of my dissertation with my supervisor, I realized that there had been nothing more stimulating to me than the joy of discovering the answers to my research question. The results revealed metacognitive judgment is independent of intelligence.

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I strongly believe that different work experiences helped me develop skills required to reach my goals. A stint as a recruiter has equipped me to manage stress while chasing strict deadlines. My position as a school counsellor strengthened my observational and analytical skills.

Apart from my work and studies, I love quilling, which I believe has taught me patience and focus. My trekking trips versed me with the importance of teamwork and quick decision making as a single choice can end up being a life or death situation.

I feel this course provided by the University of Bath is an ideal fit for me because of its carefully constructed modules which focuses on specific research methods and provides the option of understanding cognitive psychology research. Your course will help me to become an independent researcher by working with one of the expert academics. Moving forward I hope to make an appreciable difference in the field of metacognition. I understand that many students will be attracted to this program. However, I believe my life’s journey till date has shaped me to take up challenges and come out as a winner. I am confident that my relentless search for answers and passion for psychology will contribute to the field.