What page depends on many factors.In this podcast episode

What is SEO?SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization or German Search Engine Optimization. This refers to actions for your DJ website to better appear in Google’s search results.Of course, the goal of every website operator on Google is ranked # 1. Your position on the search result page depends on many factors.In this podcast episode we devote important SEO tips that you can immediately implement on your website. We do not dubious tricks that might work for a short time. Rather, we recommend an SEO approach that will bring you more visitors to your website in the long term.For SEO, you do not have to pay any money per click, but invest a little extra work on your websites today. This work will pay off in the next few years.SEO BasicsWith two important HTML meta tags and the URL you influence the
appearance of your web pages on the search result pages of Google, Bing
and Yahoo.    page Title    Google uses the page title as a headline that is bold and links to your page. You influence the page title via the title tag. Look at the page title like the title of a book or the chapter heading of a long journal article.    The page goal may be a maximum of 70 characters, with every additional character being cut off.    Page Description    The page description uses Google as text below the heading. You will influence this description text via the description tag. At this point, you can place calls to action such as “Click Now” or “Learn More Here”. Treat the page description as best as ad text in Adwords.    The page description text can not be more than 156 characters long, every additional character is truncated.    Page name, URL    The name of this website is “hdj12-wasistseo-search-engine-optimization-dj-webpage”. There we have placed possible search terms such as “what is SEO?”, “Search engine optimization” and “DJ website”. We do not do this by chance, but repeat these search terms in the page title and the page description. What do you think, for which keywords we have optimized this page search engine optimization?