What is the Impact of Technology on Student Achievement?










is the Impact of Technology on Student Achievement?

















is the Impact of Technology on Student Achievement?

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            The constant evolution of technology
brings about various benefits, but those benefits are most prevalent in the
area of education. Students in today’s education arena are able to experience
success and make achievements that far surpasses established goals, all because
of technological advances. Technology gives all students an opportunity to experience
academic success in an individualized manner. Technology is a powerful tool
when given to students, it enhances skills, facilitate learning, and prepares them
for real-world experiences.  

            Technology can be credited for
facilitating student achievement in the areas of reading, writing, and math.
When students have the opportunity to access technology on a routine basis, it
enables them to acquire basic skills faster and better due repetition in practice.
 Technology keeps students engaged and
provide them with an array of opportunities in which they an active partner in
their own academic learning. The implementation of technology allows important
pertinent information and resources to be readily accessible to students.
Students are more likely to stay engaged in learning new concepts and skills
when resources can easily be acquired.  

            Students are also motivated to learn
and they become active participants through technology. Students can participant
in the learning environment without being ridicule because technology allow
them to have input through various avenues such as online discussions, group projects,
and shared documents. When students are afforded the opportunity to share their
ideas with others it makes them more confident in being able to achieve. Many
students come to school well versed in how to use technology effectively and just
having knowledge of how to use it helps to increase students’ confidence, which
is a major factor in them being successful academically.

            The implementation of technology in
the learning environment allow for teachers to have more time meeting the
need(s) of each student. Student achievement is increased with the use of
technology because they learn from the teacher and other resources. For
example, two students may be using technology to receive a refresher course on
multiplying fractions, while the teacher is teaching language skills to the
reminder students. Students can learn at their own level without feeling
pressured or alienated through the use of technology. Using technology in the
classroom alter the teacher’s role; the teacher becomes the encourager,
adviser, and coach to each student.

            Technology and technological
advances have impacted student achievement for all students. Today, students
with disabilities are also able to fully participate in classroom activities
with the aid of assistive technologies. Technology is not discriminatory,
learning can be individualized for each student according to his/her learning
abilities. For example, using an app a student can practice math skills at
his/her own pace without the frustration of sitting through a lesson they do
not understand. Students are able to make substantial gains in learning, regardless of their socioeconomic background when
technology is implemented as a foundation for learning.

            Using technology on a daily basis
enable students to enhance current skills, gain new knowledge, and prepare for
the future. For example, students using various forms of technology will be
successful in competing with their peers for future employment. Technology also
equips teachers with the tools necessary to track student growth, which allow
them to tailor learning experiences for each student. Students are able to
learn using their respective learning style when technology is made to be an
essential part of learning environment. Technology not only prepare students in
their current lives, but technology also provides students with various avenues
to be successful beyond high school and college.