“What has already occurred. Due to the background of

“What would you do if you knew this was the last night of the world?”, personally, I would say love to everyone I love, maybe I would say to truth to my crush. Last minutes in the world, I must be panic for sure. Interestingly, the people in this story are so calmly and unafraid. Especially, the protagonist, the husband and wife, are overtaken by a sense of acceptance.

In my opinion, the couple was not concerned with the end of the world because they thought that there is nothing more frightening than having a war that has already occurred. Due to the background of the story, this story is set during the early years of cold war after Korean War, additionally, the story was written after a few years of World War.

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The calm couple and the husband’s co-worker had the same dream, shockingly, this dream did not cause anyone to fall into a state of panic. All of the adults seemed very comfortable about this and seemed to know the end of the world is coming. So, getting the same dream means the end of life that nobody can escape; moreover the dream symbolize that it was all going to be over.  I think that the end of the world means “acceptance of death” which is the truth of life, everybody must face with it. Certainly, as the couple said “I don’t know. You don’t get too excited when you feel things are logical. This is logical. Nothing else but this could have happened from the way we’ve lived.” The lovers do understand the truth, they think that it is the nature of life because death is logical, everyone dies, and nobody escapes death. So, this is the reason why the couple simply spend their last night as they would be.

“Hide the truth for the sake of other happiness”, this is shown through the parent’s apparent decision to not inform their children of the world’s end. As we’ve seen throughout the story, everyone knew that the world is going to over with the exception of the kids, it would be better for them. In my point of view, the parents decide to live calmly and peacefully as normal as possible and act as nothing was wrong because of parenthood. The calm couple can do everything for their kids’ happiness.

            To conclude, the reason why the husband and wife live so calmly for their last night of the world because both of them do understand the truth of life. Moreover, parenthood must hide the truth for their kids ‘happiness. Additionally, nothing make them fear rather that the war.