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         What  is technology? To me technology is machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. In my opinion i feel that technology personally benefits me alot be it for communication or education purposes but it also have some negative impact on me.                      Technology like phones benefits me, reason is because it can help me to communicate with my family members and friends easily. Through my experiences, i remembered that there was once where i was lost in somewhere that i am not so familiar with, i panic for a moment. However, I but  realise that i can just contact my parents for help. Therefore i feel that technology can benefit us and help us in some way.                       Secondly, technologies like computer, chromebook and laptops will also benefit us as we can use it for our educational needs like doing research and finding meanings of difficult words that we do not understand. During my english lesson, my english teacher likes to use many different types of complicated words, which cause me to not understand and makes me always wonder what does it mean. But with the help of these technologies, i am able to find the meaning of the word and how this word can be used. Therefore, i feel that technology will benefit us in our lives.            However, technologies do not only benefits us but will also affect us in some way. What I mean by this, is that if we were to study with our phone near us, whenever it rings with messages or notification shows on the phone, we will attempt to use itattend to it and may lose focus to study and might end up chatting with friends or playing games  for a few hours. or playing games for a few hours. I personally do get affected sometimes as I was not able to put my phone far from me as i need it near me so that i can check the time, which end up causing me to lose focus and not being able to study. In my opinion i feel that technologies can have their disadvantage as well, therefore i feel that technologies will not only benefit us but will also affect us.benefit us.          Therefore, in conclusion i think that technologies had their own benefits and disadvantages . the benefits would be that, technologies is a helping hand to us and can help us for communicating with others and also for education. As for the disadvantage would be that technologies can be a big distraction to us and can cause us to lost focus in doing things.