What Dreams May Come Research Paper Essay

What Dreams May Come Essay, Research Paper

Many of us, people don? T believe that there exists live after decease. We think that this is non possible. Peoples are merely deceasing and they are populating their organic structures behind them, and go forthing this universe. Some of us believe in the reincarnation. We died, but we are born as a new human being.

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In the book? What dreams may come? there exist unrecorded after death- in Eden. The book tells about a work forces name Chris and his household. One twenty-four hours he was coming from the theatre and three autos hit him, and he died. He woke up at the infirmary. Before he died he heard the voices coming from a adult male. Those voices were stating to him? to non contend? . Then after a piece he was dead. At first he didn? t believe that this happened. When he saw his organic structure lying on the infirmary bed he knew that his journey in the universe was finish. He didn? T know what he was supposed to make. He was looking for his married woman. He tried to happen her and speak to her, but the lone individual that could see him or hear him was the individual at the infirmary that he couldn? t recognize. He couldn? t see precisely who the adult male was ; he saw merely his shadows.

Chris was populating his other unrecorded, unrecorded after decease. He ne’er knew that? decease is simply continuance at another degree? . After he died he realized that the life is non finish. The spirit lives merely our organic structures and it goes to heaven. Chris couldn? t delay till his married woman is traveling to fall in him. He believed that this would come shortly, because he couldn? t halt thought about her. ? For everything in life at that place? s a opposite number in hereafter? Nothing can destruct the spirit. Chris was cognizant of that he went to the other side. He was patiently waiting for his married woman. After some clip he got the message from Albert that she is non traveling to fall in him, because he commit self-destruction. ? Suicide merely participates a darker continuance of the some conditions from which flight was sought. A continuance under fortunes is so much more painful. ? He didn? T want to believe that she is non coming at that place. The lone manner that they could be together was that he had to travel to deliver her from that universe. This was really difficult to make, because many people tried to make it and they ne’er came back. He got more luck, because he went at that place. The lone job that he had was that he couldn? t find her. There was to many people that commit self-destruction. He was seeking difficult to happen her and eventually he did. He brought her memor

Y back, because she didn? t remember anything. Then they came back to the Summerland, and live happy of all time after.

There besides exist the supernatural contact with liquors. In the book when Chris died his household was really sad. He went to his girl room and he saw the missive that she was composing to her friend. She was stating about her parents and what they lived through. Chris tried to speak to her, without any respond. She couldn? t hear anything, because she didn? t knew that he was at that place. Chris didn? Ts gave up and he was stating to her? write I? m still alive? , he was reiterating this all over and he made her write this note. She was really suprised when she saw this. At first she didn? t knew what she suppose to make with this note, but so, she went to her ma seeking to state her that her male parent made her to compose this note. When she enter the room, she saw her female parent weeping and she decided to non demo her nil. Then she decided that much happened and now was non good clip to demo it to her. She went back to her room, ne’er stating her female parent about that accident.

After a small while Chris went to heaven. When he got at that place he was really suprised what he saw. Heaven was really nice topographic point. He saw the same individual that he saw at the infirmary, but now he could see his face and the organic structure right. This was his cousin Albert. They talked much and he saw his Canis familiaris Katie that he and his married woman got for 16 old ages. Then they went to Albert? s house. He was really suprised what he saw at that place, that was like a Eden that he ever dreamed of. ? That which you believe becomes your universe? . That what Albert said to him when they got at that place. The manner that they were pass oning was through their heads. They didn? t communicate by their lips. What Chris thought Albert could understand? The one thing that truly suprised Chris was that there was no mirrors at his place. There was some sort of matrix. The other thing that suprised him excessively was that they wear? Ts have to eat or imbibe, because they have no tummy. ? We posses merely them because they? rhenium familiar to us. Is we choose, we could execute any map with our head entirely. ?

It is true that there exist live after decease. After reading the book the difference is clear. Peoples are incorrect believing that this is non possible. Even if our organic structure died we are still go forthing on the other


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