Wells for him to find a place for carrying


conveys that the knowledge that we have are not using for good purpose it

 will results
in our own destruction. In this novel the knowledge means the scientific

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that the protagonist has. Griffin, who enjoyed a high status as a scientist,

 ends up
losing his sanity because he does not use his invisibility good for humanity

 instead he
creates harm to the humans. Griffin had a passion for the science and

experiments which made him invisible. With that
invisibility he made maximum

destructions to the people. He becomes both
invisible and dangerous to the people. He

used his invisibility as a weapon for creating
problems in that society. Science gifts

Griffin with an unusual formula, but discussing it
with no one makes him fall in to

sheer troubles and forces him to embrace total
isolation. For instance, if one discovers

amazing, one ough to share it with somebody who could reflect its pros and

 cons. Griffin
worked to enjoy the fun of invisibility, but refused to broadcast his

knowledge with fellow scientists, which led him to
create the Reign of Terror. The

knowledge that he had gained through intense
research and observation was nullified

because it eventually fell in to the wrong hands,
i.e. Marvel’s hands. He may have

marked his intellect, but reflected a total failure
in dealing with his killing

So, even if he is the protagonist of the story, we want to think of him

 more as an
antagonist, finding pleasure in terrorizing people.

novel’s central character Griffin, is a brilliant scientist who has carried out

extremely successful experiments in physics and
chemistry thereby making himself

invisible right down to his innards and blood
vessels. Unfortunately, Griffin plunges

 in to his
experiment without establishing the reversal of the invisibility process and

without analyzing the future consequences of his
research on humankind. In

with his experiment, he begins to consume drugs and medicines that make

him quick-tempered and reckless. He shouts at
people, is given to bouts of rage and a

tendency to murder. His main motive behind becoming
invisible is outright

selfishness and he thinks nothing of carrying out a
series of unsocial acts to perpetrate

his invisible state. His nasty temper and gruff ways
make people ragard him as an

apparition, thereby making it difficult for him to
find a place for carrying out further

research or even to procure food and clothing. To
procure such necessities, Griffin

 goes off on a
rampage of lawlessness, starting out with stealing his father’s money,

setting a fire a boarding house,  gagging a costume house owner after kitting

considering the necessity of having to explain himself. He even exploits his

invisibility. His immature behavior consumes him and
makes his brilliance come to