We have to fight and value those that last,

We have always had friendships, from the moment we can communicate with someone and we know that with that person we feel comfortable and we can trust him. Since we were little we experienced what it is to have friends. There are many activities in which you can meet or find friends. Most of the friends are valued as you grow up since you do not take them the same importance right now as when you were in kindergarten or that is, when you were smaller. This is because of your life changes, you live other experiences, you begin to see life in another way and the level of importance grows as you grow.The human being by nature has to live accompanied, has to live in society. Nobody can say that he does not occupy anyone since we all depend on everyone. Being accompanied is one of the most beautiful experiences that life gives you. That is why this essay aims to teach you to value the friends you have or those who come in the future of your life.There are friendships that are lost by misunderstandings, betrayals, or simply by pride, you have to know that all the anti-values that are presented in a friendship are not good the only thing they leave you are bad memories of what was once beautiful. But you have to fight and value those that last, those that have taught you how beautiful life is and that it is worth to stumble and get up, that life is unique and you have to know how to live.Friendship is considered a human experience of vital importance, it has even been sanctified by several religions. It is a very beautiful interpersonal relationship, which is formed at any stage of life. To start a friendship relationship, it does not matter age or sex. Many times it is thought that friendships should only be given between the same genres, but the truth is different, of course sometimes friends end up falling in love, but that does not always happen.Friendship is also a union of love without needing to feel physical attraction for the other. When you have friends there is much talk of the word love because friendship is derived from the Latin ” amicus friend, possibly derived from ” amore t’ , love. Or because it is a feeling of love for another person.Friends are always capable of everything for their true friends, are able to fight for you, to fight with you, to leave something important if you need it, have a friendship of this kind is very beautiful, because it makes you see the value that they give and how much you mean to them.I came across this phrase that I did not know, which I liked a lot because it describes in very few words what friendship is. The phrase says “the friend is called to tell him a good news, but he appears in surprise when misfortune is around us”. What this phrase shows you are only a part of everything that can be a great friendship.Friendship or being friends with someone implies more than just saying or knowing, it implies dedication, time, a pleasure to share things, is to listen, help, understand and many more things. There are people who have to ask themselves how to make a friend, and the truth is that there is not something that tells us the steps to be able to make a friendship, we only know that it is something that is given alone and that over time grows or disappears.Some of the components that must have are:o Trust: this implies feeling at ease with the person and being able to tell them everything you feel. “A friend is a person with whom you can think out loud.” o Fidelity: that this involves not betraying your friend and fulfilling what is promised.o Love: feeling that feeling that you do not have towards other people, and iti s something very important in friendship.o Sincerity: a friend does not occupy that they lie to him, on the contrary, it occupies that they speak to him with the truth and that they help it if it is bad. AS is said that there are components to carry out a friend, also it said that there are different types of friends, for example:o Friendship by correspondence: that is a friendship from afar, which implies sending letters, either by air or email.o Sincere friendship: which is when your friend would give everything to you, he would never betray you.o Friendship for convenience: it is when they only approach you to take advantage of you and not because they feel some kind of affection towards you.As we all know, friendship is something that no one can be exempt from, it is something that by nature we all must have, it is something that we all live with day by day, and without this life would be very different to be in solitude. It is said that it is something very beautiful because in it there are many very important values.Friendship goes more than a simple word, is something that feels, that is seen, that is heard. As I mentioned earlier, it is a vitally important relationship that every human being must have in order to carry out most of their daily activities. It is also something that everyone has, it’s something nice, it’s something beautiful.It implies universal values, implies love, affection, respect, trust, implies the value of friendship. All these values are some of the requirements to bring a good relationship of friends either between your family, boyfriend, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Friendship is present in any activity or relationship we have, is present in some or other ways.Those who have really had friends will know what I am talking about, they will know that in itself it is not something that is explained with words, it is something that is explained with facts and attitudes. It is very simple to realize when the people who are by our side are friends or not, sometimes battles or we do not want to se