We conversations have the most interruptive effect in work

We believe that a
happy workplace consists of happy employees, and that happy employees thrive in
what they do.

Happiness at
workplace not only contributes tot he wellbeing and productivity, but also to
developing and sustaining successful business, in other words, when people
thrive at work, happiness follows.

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We are passionate
about decreasing the user pains and enabling top quality work around the world.
We seek to encourage and enabel spontaneous encounters, better communication,
as well as to make everyday tasks easier to execute. While delighting our users
with excellent user experiences, we allow them to feel happier everyday.

Studies show that
noise can lower productivity significantly, on average by 10%, but in some
cases even by 35-50%.


Interruptions in
work flow occur on average every 11 minutes, and it may take up to 25 minutes
for an employee to refocus ont he task at hand again.


Having the
ability to focus and work without interruptions along with having spaces to
collaborate with coworkers easily and effectively are the top two things that
employees value in their work environment.


Framery solutions
tackle the noise in two ways: first, by reducing the noise level in open-plan
offices by blocking disturbing sounds. Secondly, creating comfortable quiet
spaces where people are able to concentrate better on important tasks and
collaborate with colleagues in piece.


Today 70% of
people work in open plan offices. 50% of them find the lack of sound privacy
the most frustrating aspect of the work environments.


Distractions are
mainly due to phone calls and random meetings that take place in open plan
offices. Overhead conversations have the most interruptive effect in work flow.



Concentrating 100% on the job and making sure that
there are only wanted distractions

According to
several studies, noise pollution is found to be the most disruptive factor in
work environments. It interrupts concentration, reduces efficiency and creates
frustration. Also, it might be difficult to tune out the sounds and visual
impulses. By eliminating the unwanted distractions and providing employees with
easily accessible, silent environments to focus and concentrate in, we allow
people to succeed in what they do.



Having a moment to relax and reorienting for the
next task ahead

Having a moment
to recharge in the middle of the workday reduces stress and increases
productivity level. By having an access to a space that allows to rewind, relax
and recharge in silence for a moment, people are able to reorient for the next
work task ahead and feel afterwards more energized balanced and happier.



Co-creation, ad-hoc meetings and creative
encounters, setting the scene for innovations that are the key to success

In the
contemporary work culture, collaboration and interaction play a key role in
developing innovations that feed success. By providing tools in work
environment that encourage spontaneous encounters and enable efficient
collaboration between employees, employees can carry out creative innovative
and productive teamwork. A happy work community is one where people thrive not
only individually, but especially when they spend time and work together.



Blurring the line between work and play

We at Framery
strive for making work environments where people want to spend time at. As the
contrast between work and spare time is fading work experiences are becoming
more relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Playful elements are implemented in order to
increase levels of creativity, flexibility and ultimately, workplace happiness.