Video psychologists find that video games can actually have

Video games are titled  by parents as time-wasters, and worse, some
experts think that these games corrupt the brain.  Playing violent video games are easily blamed
by the media and some experts so the reason why some young people become
violent or commit extreme crime.  But
many scientists and psychologists find that video games can actually have
benefits too– the main one is making kids smart.  Video games may actually teach kids
high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future. But if they are
played more than required, it can have adverse effect too.

Playing video games can be addictive. It has its own
advantages and disadvantages. Gaming addicts always love to play more and more
and spend much time in it. Because of this reason they don’t have proper sleep timing
and due to this children are sleep deprived. Due to this, they are mentally
dull in day times. Another disadvantage of video games is
on student’s studies. If you become a regular game player, then you would go
far from your studies and in the end of year you would face the “Fail” in your
result card. Addicts of Games always hate to perform outdoor
activities and outdoor sports. Missing of these events makes human body dull,
week and lazy and also puts bad effects on your health.

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Some actions and activities in a mission, war and
historical gaming teaches you things in the wrong way. For example if you are a
addict of  a game called GTA (Grand Thief
Auto), you must have noticed the snapping of the car, killing of the people and
wrong driving which are some illegal things. Online Gamers
who perform and play online with real money sometimes loss money. Because luck
is not always in favor of you and sometimes you will face high level issues in
it. Biggest
disadvantage of playing online video games is screen and graphics of these
animations  give out some high definition
dangerous rays. And these rays and colour lights can put you in eye diseases.
actions games even have bad ideas for students and children. And small kids can
also adopt these negative addicts in their selves and perform these actions
outside. It might be a cause for fighting, breaking the laws, and performing
illegal activates etc.

Gaming addict becomes far from his family. Children
who are fond of it always thinks about it and don’t want to spend time with
their families.. This point of addiction can become
dangerous in small children. Some graphics would have wrong pictures which
might not be good for small kids and students to watch. Too much gaming is
waste of electricity and also increases the amount of electricity bills.
Because the gaming devices like Xbox and PlayStation etc. are of high voltage
and consume high electricity.

To conclude, over playing video games has many
negative effects such as addiction, obesity, poor social skills, violent behaviour
and sleep deprivation. But if the right actions are taken by limiting the game
play by for example setting limits of time to play the game and checking the
ratings that show the content of the game. Parents need to keep a regular check
on their kids on what games they are playing. 
Thus in this way, we can reduce the negative effects of video games on