Versatile to deal with the hassles of taking their

Versatile Car Tray
To Make The Road Journeys of Every Child Easy And Enjoyable

Working parents have to deal
with the hassles of taking their tiny-tots every day to and forth from their
homes to crèche, schools, activity or sports classes by their cars. While a lot
of time of the kids is spent on the car in all these, parents seek for many
different ways to keep them engaged and cheerful. Responding to the concerns of
the parents, Monkeys and Bananas, a reputed manufacturer and seller revealed
off lately a very new versatile Car Tray,
exclusively for kids. It keeps the little toddlers preoccupied during their
boring road journeys without the need of a high-priced service of a babysitter.

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Available just at $19.95 on
Amazon online store, the tray makes traveling a lot more engaging and
fulfilling for the tiny-tots as well as their parents. The maker of the tray
described it during the launch as, “ESSENTIAL 3-1 CONVENIENT CONVERTIBLE TOP
kids travel tray is perfect, practical and convenient for you and your
children.” Made of superfine quality EVA foam, this tray is durable and
dirt-resistant and will serve the kids until the time they grow enough to not
require them anymore.

A 16″x12″ main portable desk
let the kids delve into fun activities on the go. They can draw with crayons,
do some crafts, play with marbles or have some snacks whenever feel hungry. The
car seat tray serves as a perfect lap table whenever a kid likes to munch some
Tiffin or snacks on the car.

The tray has a 4″ hollow cup
holder on one corner, where a kid could place his or her glass of
milkshake/juice/hot chocolates firmly, without the fear of any liquid
spillage.  The deep side pockets of
various sizes let kids safely store every essential, from pencils, scissors,
toys, crayons to packets of chocolates and candies.

For keeping storybooks,
writing books or art copies, the tray has two large side folders. Made of 420D
polyester, the stray is absolutely sturdy and firm, when used on the lap and
keep everything erect on the surface on a moving car. The surface of the tray
has alphabetical letters and related images printed in cute ways for some
indulgence of younger kids, who are in their early learning phase. Another
advantage of the tray is its PVC pockets for holding smartphones or tablets in
a favorable way so that the mature kids can play mobile games or enjoy some
movies on the car.

This inexpensive multipurpose
can be a great buy for the parents who have to take their tiny toddlers for
rides daily. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, and give a chance of
money back or replacement, in any case, the product is not found satisfying
enough. However, looking at the quality concerns of the maker such chances are