Vehicles existing problem with a vehicle component. When they

Vehicles manufactured
today differ from their old mates, they required inspection every 15,000 miles.
However, with newly manufactured vehicles, there are manufacturer recommended
service intervals that stretch to 100,000 miles before certain maintenance
items. Replacing a vehicle is expensive, ensure that potential warning signs
are not ignored. The best solution is to take care of your vehicle by
conducting routine maintenance. Start it today by paying close attention to
sluggish, squealing and vibrating sounds. If any of the below signs are
recognized, it’s high time for your vehicle to get inspected, and who is better
than AXEFree expert car inspectors
to thoroughly inspect your car. AXEFree
generate a thorough and transparent report in an instant, and get you back on
road in no time.


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While driving on a smooth
road and there is a sudden appearance of vibration, AXEFree warns you, take it as a red flag. That vibration either  felt in the steering wheel or throughout the
vehicle in a certain speed, the problem could be of having worn, unbalanced or
flat tires.


AXEFree experts recommends to pay close
attention to the indicator lights, their existence on your dashboard is to
indicate a potential or existing problem with a vehicle component. When they
light on dashboard while starting car, or for no reason at all, it could be an
indication of burned out taillight or something more problematic namely
transmission failure.



Driving at intersections
or when trying to accelerate, getting your vehicle stalled is indicating fouled
spark plugs or clogged fuel filter or something entirely else that should never
be avoided at any cost. AXEFree recommends to never procrastinate your routine

to Start

Having difficulty
starting your vehicle, taking several turns of key to get it started and thank
Goodness finally starts but wait what? won’t budge from its parking space,
there is a problem. It is an indication of weak battery or might be a defective
starter. Do not wait up, get it inspected by AXEFree within a matter of hours.

Fuel Mileage

Your vehicle is
experiencing a reduction in fuel mileage when you are filling the gas tank more
often than your normalcy gallon of gas, even though your car is running around
the same distances and nothing out of ordinary is noticed. Time to think what
has caused the sudden decrease, it could be improper tire pressure or a
sticking brake bad or perhaps time for your routine check-up.


Brakes functionality is
to stop quietly when brakes are applied, without putting extra pressure on the
brake pedal. If squeaking sound or a rhythmic vibration is noticed, brake pads,
rotors and brake fluid are wear items that need to be replaced and taken care
of periodically.


Unknown Noises

Okay, thankfully the
brakes are functioning as they are required to, but there are other unexplained
noises, buckle up trouble might be on the edge. Squealing when steering wheel
is turned at low speeds? Probably a low power steering fluid level.  Starting the vehicle and there is Squealing
noises from under the hood? Probably a loose or worn belt. Wheels are noisy?
Most probably an unbalanced tire or a failing CV joint. AXEFree suggests to get
the vehicle inspected sound is emitted that was not there before.


Vehicle is reluctant when
shifted from reverse to drive or vice versa? Gear changes are abrupt and
vehicle is upshifting/downshifting or its not working as before when shifting
into higher gear as engine RPMs climb? The trouble with big T is your
Transmission. Get your transmission fluids, filters and screen routinely
inspected by AXEFree car inspection experts.


When merging onto a
highway, passing another vehicle on a two-lane road or simply towing a trailer
uphill, you require a speed and the power you have come to rely on. It could be
a problem when you don’t have access to the easy acceleration. The reduction in
power and acceleration should be checked to determine and pin point the

Trust Us with your Vehicle

of vehicles face the harsh weather predicaments, either flood or heavy
rainstorm. It is necessary to have your inspected after your vehicle survived a
major flood. Major things to look for are obvious, water stains or mud under
the carpets and seats. Mold and sand inside roof cloth and under the dashboard.
Noticing a rusty metal inside the vehicle or musty odor is smelt after running
the heat, in the trunk and passenger compartment. Have a closer inspection for
oil or transmission fluid if it is milky or has water beads. If you intend on
sharing the road with one another using that vehicle, at-least make sure it is
thoroughly inspected.

Wrapped Up

Of course, there is that
manual provided by your car manufacturing company enlisting all the solutions
to prevent any occurring vehicle problems to begin with. In addition that that
reliance, AXEFree recommends to get your vehicle checked thorough periodically
by expert technician to avoid any long term costly inspections. The AXEFree car
inspectors provide recommendations such that at what suitable car mileage and
time intervals you should get it inspected to experience fewer to none vehicle
related problems in the future depending on the vehicle. Refer to AXEFree,
follow the recommendations, listen closely to what your vehicle is indicating
to you by paying heed to the above mentioned signs, and also ensure that you  act on those warning signs if you want to stay
safe on the road for miles to come.