Utilitarian Hedonic Essay

A utilitarian product can be considered a necessity while a hedonistic product can be viewed as a luxury or preference. They play an intricate part in the consumer purchase decision process. Typically, a utilitarian need is instrumental and before purchased will be driven by how the product actually works. For example, if we just bought a new home, that is not enough. A security alarm system becomes a utilitarian need immediately following the purchase.

A hedonistic need is meant to bring joy and excitement to the consumer so buying a new Mercedes Benz to accentuate the beautiful home can be viewed as a prime example. For the purpose of this report, I will evaluate Nikkei sneakers and examine the product as one that can be both, utilitarian and hedonistic. After viewing the Nikkei. Com website, notice that they have a new sneaker in the marketplace called the “Nikkei Lunar+ 5 Shield. The main focus on this product is its durability and the effectiveness it has on a inner or athlete that needs to rely on its functional prowess. The web site makes it very easy to lure the consumer in by showing the sneaker from every angle and placing extra emphasis on its components that will make it easier for an athlete to rely on its functionality. This concept displays the products’ utilitarian needs quite nicely. In staying with this same item, this sneaker can be viewed as a hedonistic consumer need as well.

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For a runner or athlete, this ewe sneaker has a sleek design, excellent assortment of colors to choose from and even allows the consumer to get the same item with additional features such as, more air bubbles for a more flamboyant look to a high top version, which effectively reaches out to more than just your typical jogger (e. G. , basketball players). With many options to build a sneaker the way the consumer wants, Nikkei. Com successfully fulfills a hedonistic need for anyone that needs the latest in a new product exactly the way they want it.