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Unlike the Bitcoins, the creator of Ethereum has a full name and does not hide. Vitalik Buterin started the development of Ethereum at the end of 2014. In order to finance the development of the project, Vitalik sought public funding, obtaining just over 18 million dollars. Before focusing on the Ethereum project, Vitalik was writing in different blogs about the Bitcoins, that’s when he began to gestate the options that the technology that Bitcoin uses could offer him and that until that moment was untapped.Bitcoin is not the only virtual currency in the world. There is more, although the BTC was the first cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is also the one that pulls more and history has, so it is possibly the only one that sounds or that you have heard about. Ethereum, without going any further, is another of these coins that is pulling more recently.Cryptocurrencies are characterized by being decentralized (not controlled by any government, financial entity or company) and by maintaining anonymity between transactions. All transactions have an exit portfolio ID, another entry ID and an amount, but it is not known to whom this identifier corresponds. They exist since 2008, when the Bitcoin (BTC) was launched.What is Ethereum?Ethereum is a project that combines a digital currency, the Ether, like Bitcoin, but takes advantage of the possibilities offered by blockchain, an unalterable record that since the birth of Ethereum has been aimed at creation of smart contracts. Smart contracts, as a rule, include a financial transaction, act transparently for both parties and their operation is very similar to the programming codes If they do that. All this information is reflected in the blockchain, an unalterable record where all transactions are reflected, whether they are for sale or purchases of coins, smart contracts .The information stored in the blockchain of the platform is accessible to everyone and is available in all computers that form the Ethereum network. The operation of Bitcoins blockchain is practically the same, but it only records transaction data, since the possibilities offered by this technology have not been extended.What is Ether?Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency and has some very technical differences with Bitcoin, such as the algorithm used, the block time, the calculation difficulty and the prize for mining. But the really differential, as currency, is that in the case of the Ethers there is no definite maximum number.There is no maximum limit of Ethers, as it does with bitcoinsThis implies that the Ethers are not a deflationary currency, like Bitcoin. With Bitcoin one day the circulation will be reached and there will be no more. This will make the goods and services purchased with them go down in price. This is a problem for an economy. It has its advantages, since inflation is very dangerous, but so is deflation and Bitcoin is clearly deflationary.With the Ethers this is not so, there is no limit and they will continue to be created indefinitely as long as there are users on the platform. Therefore, although Bitcoin is much more used, Ethereum’s currency has a much more consistent basis to replace traditional currencies. Ethereum and Smart contractsAn intelligent contract is a type of program that ensures that all the terms of a previous agreement of two or more parties are effective. That is, it is a contract that is not based on the trust of the participants in the transaction. Imagine that you want to place a bet: if you win a match, the other person signing the contract will owe you 100 INR, and if not, you will owe 200 INR. This could apply to an insurance company or a loan. In the current economy, either we trust the other person or we trust a third party.With Ethereum’s smart contracts, this is not necessary.  The contract would be an intermediary, only that in this case no commission is taken. Thus, there are several advantages: the contract can not be modified (remember that the blockchain is based precisely on the inalterability of the data); it cannot be canceled; intermediaries are eliminated; and the delay in the operation is eliminated.With the Bitcoins you can also make this type of contracts. However, something else is necessary: a software that executes it. Ethereum, on the other hand, is that program itself.How to Buy Ethereum in  two simple stepsThere are different ways to secure your cryptocurrency – it’s about securing the private encryption keys associated with your public addresses.Wallets are open-source and free software developed and available on different platforms and operating systems.More generally, the term “wallet” can refer to both a client software, the encrypted and secure file containing the addresses and their encryption keys, devices for keeping private keys away from the Internet, or a simple piece of paper. We should therefore say rather “key-holders”, because these solutions actually manage pairs of encryption keys: at such a Bitcoin address (public key  known to all is associated a private key (known only to the owner), to sign the transactions and therefore to prove to all network peers that you are the owner of these bitcoins.There are different types of wallets, with their advantages and disadvantages.Step 1 :Web wallets or Online wallets: They offer great simplicity of use, never encumber your hard disk and allow the saving as well as the automatic encrypted sending of the private keys, making them very attractive for the average user. On the other hand it is of course possible that the selected online portfolio is compromised or may be offline for technical reasons. Their ease of use as well as their flexibility is therefore counterparts a much lower level of security, especially if it is the latter that manages the generation of your private keys and centralizes their conservation; this is not really for a big investor or a company, you will understand, but rather for an individual wishing to make purchases on the Internet, send small amounts of money to kith or kin.Bitcoin – Online wallets:CoinSpaceVery easy to ue Online walletCoinbaseThe Coinbase online wallet keeps your private keys are centralized.Blockchain infoThe most famous block explorer also offers its web wallet.Luno Formerly BitXLuno is an online wallet also available on iOS and GooglePlay.XapoIt also offers a Bitcoin debit card. Also available on iOS and Android.BitGoThe Californian company offers a multi-signature wallet and a quality API.Mobile wallets: These are the applications available to the smartphone user, allowing one to easily carry out  transactions both in shops, in the city accepting Bitcoin and on the Internet. This is obviously not appropriate to keep large amounts of money: the physical theft of the mobile phone or possible hacking make this means of storage vulnerable. For comparison, it is the equivalent of your traditional wallet.Bitcoin wallets for smartphones:MyceliumOne of the oldest wallets for Bitcoin available on smartphone. Numerous integrations and continuous development. Available on all platforms.BreadwalletAvailable on the App Store (iOS) and GooglePlay.CopayAvailable on all platforms.Desktop wallets: These are the software that installs on your personal computer. There are two categories: full wallets and lightweight clients. Full clients download the entire blockchain to the hard disk (costly in disk space and memory), making the host a complete node involved in securing the Bitcoin network. These are the safest customers because they do not require the trust of a peer to validate your transactions. Lightweight clients will rely on existing servers to access the blockchain; their confidentiality is therefore lower because the simplification of the validation of the transactions requires the call to a third party or to a central server, and make possible the association of your IP address with your transactions. This is of course a simple solution for the novice user. Although the security level of different wallets is high, it will always be necessary to ensure that your computer is not vulnerable to viruses, malware, keyloggers and other trojans.Bitcoin – desktop wallets:Bitcoin CoreThe original Bitcoin clientArmoryComplete ClientElectrumLightweight ClientMultiBit Desktop WalletAvailable on Windows, Linux and MacOSXHardware wallets:These are devices protecting your assets independently and optimally, because they keep your private keys directly on an embedded chip, invulnerable to physical and logical attacks: the signing of transactions is performed “internally” by the microprocessor. Thus, even by broadcasting it via a computer that is not very secure or compromised, there is no way to recover your private keys. This is a highly secure way to keep bitcoins. This reliability obviously has a price.Multi-currency hardware wallets:LedgerCurrencies supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, ZCash, Stratis, Fido U2F.Copay, Electrum, Mycelium, GreenBits, BitGo integrations,Copay, Electrum, Mycelium, GreenBits, BitGo integrationsTrezorCurrencies supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash.The brain wallets:It’s about memorizing the seed (mnemonic phrase) from which your private keys were generated. If this series of words exists only in the brain of the user,  then the user is the  only one able to perform transactions by restoring his wallet via this seed. It’s a radical method!Wallets for altcoins:MistThe official Ethereum complete client software.MyEtherWalletA very easy to use web wallet.Litecoin CoreThe official client software of Litecoin developers.Loaf WalletDeveloped by Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, for iOS.ElectrumLTC Lightweight Client: the Electrum version for Litecoin.Dash CoreThe official complete client.ExodusA multi-currency desktop walletMy MoneroA web wallet dedicated to Monero, very easy to use.FreeWallet MoneroFreeWallet is a multi-currency web wallet that integrates Monero.Step 2: Buy Ethereum through BitBns:1) Sign Up with BitBns and enter name, surname and email id for account creation purposes. Next, submit your PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card photocopies.2) Investors will be notified via email about account activation on successful verification of uploaded documents which will take 1 working day’s time, 3) Finally investors can Transfer funds to their BitBns account using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and begin placing their trading orders!Trading with BitBns is simpler and more accessible after the creation of the mobile versions of iOS and Android platforms. They have an intuitive design interface which makes even the first users asking for more trading experience.BitBns platform is by far  the best in functionality, reliability and security among the Indian crypto exchanges. The mobile version  is even better when compared to the web-version of BitBns platform  BitBns customers can trade from everywhere with the Internet in just a few clicks on their home-screens.