United States Essay

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being here. I would like to continue with our debate, affirming that university should be free for everyone. ‘I’m unemployed’. Who hasn’t heard this sentence during the last years? According to the Spanish Statistics National Institute, 24% of the population living in Spain is, nowadays, unemployed. You don’t have to be good at Math to realize that this percentage means that 1 out of every 4 people do not have a job in this country.

We can say ‘Well, but this is because of the bad economic situation of the country. However, sometimes, the problem of unemployed people is that they don’t fulfill the requirements of the job, because, during their youth, they didn’t have the chance to study. By having a free high education, the whole society receives knowledge. This makes everyone to be better prepared for the future. This preparation will help the students of today, us, to increase the chances of getting a job wherever they want. 50% of the Spaniards below 25 years are unemployed.

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If we allow university to not be free, this number will increase: only a few will study and obtain jobs. Can the society allow this? The payment of high education should be carried out by the government. Its an investment which does have an impact on the whole country future. As Abraham Lincoln said .