Unit culture and its technology. First it wanted to

1: Description
of the module



 Humanity developed its culture and its technology. First it
wanted to make small buildings to house families. The first construction works
was beforehand paths and bridges. Today with the evolution of technology and
the evolution in  construction
works are big and complex. Construction works are all the constructions connected
permamently to the ground. These structures cannot be towed and aren’t

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Examples of construction works
are roads, bridges, swimming pools, houses, barriers, wells, ports, temples,
theatres, stages, public baths etc.


For example: Rio – Antirio or
Charilaos Trikoupis bridge is one of the most important construction works in
Greece and in the world. This bridge connects Peloponnese with Central Greece.
Its length is 2.880 meters and its width is 27,2 meters. It has 4 pilars which
are between 141 and 164 meters high. Its construction began in 1998 and
finished in 2004, one week before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of
2004 in Greece. Its budget was more than 630.000.000 .











The construction work I will
analyze in this project will be the swimming pool.


Unit 2: Swimming pool


swimming pool is a construction made to hold water to enable swimming or other
activities. There are two types of pools: In-ground pools and above ground
pools. In-ground pools are built into the ground. Above-ground pools are used
as a freestanding structure or as part of a bigger structure. In ground pools
are usually made by concrete, natural stone, plastic or fiberglass and metal. A
pool can be in a custom size and shape which is most used in hotels, in private
clubs and in houses. A pool can also be in a basic shape and size or it can be
in an Olympic sized pool.

The pool I designed consists of
seven routes, a water polo field, and 
space for the spectators.




































































5: Pool’s
historical evolution.






pools go back at least as far as 2600 B.C. The Great Baths in Mohenjo – Daro
was a swimming site which is made from bricks and its covered in plaster. Many
man-made pools surfaced throughout the Ancient Greek and Rome. Swimming was a
part of the education in Ancient times. The swimming pools became very popular
until the middle of the 19th century. After the first modern Olympic
games in 1896 swimming began to gain popularity. In the 20th century
science took swimming pools in a new level. The filtration system was available
which could deliver clean water to the pool. In 1947 above-ground pools hit the
market and many people could leave a brand new pool experience.






Unit 6: How does a swimming pool works



Each swimming pool that offers
the possibility of swimming, consists of 3 different systems that operate at
the same time and guarantee the swimmer’s safety. These systems are:

The recirculation system which aims to collect
the pollution that is in the pool and pass it with all the water into the
filtration system and after that into the chemical treatment system.


The filtration system is made to contain the
mechanical pollution that carries the water passing through it.


The chemical treatment system aims at the
elimination of any pollution that exits the filtration system, and even more to
ensure such conditions in the pool so every one can swim with safety


















Unit 7: Use of the project for humanity and for the



Economy: Public swimming pools are not made
for having profit but to guide people to swimming. Their use is very costly.
The operating cost is big and also the maintenance cost is big. So public
swimming pools are not making any profit in reality. Only private pools in private
gyms  are made for having profit


Social: swimming pools are sports grounds.
What does this means? This means that people socialize. Also in public pools
there are some swimming clubs which 
improve team spirit.


Cultural: Some events happen in swimming
pools which bring people together and also in some pools competition take land