Unified from the comfort of their home 100 miles

communications involves handling the voice, video and messaging through one
single unified system in order for two or more parties to communicate as
efficiently as possible. With UC, restrictions in communication such as time
zones and national borders pose no threat to the efficiency of exchanging
information. However, there is a huge consideration about the integrity of the security
of the IP-based infrastructure Unified Communication. 1Compared to
past methods of illegal information collection such as wiretapping which
required the physical transplantation of wiretaps; in todays’ world, a person
which malicious intent can collect your personal information from the comfort
of their home 100 miles away.

 This issue arises from disparate factors like
different modes of communication are involved like the voice, video, instant
messaging and web collaboration to the email and voicemail. For example when
people use the personal cellular phones at work environment such cellular
network connections from the mobile are not at all secure in the first place.
There is another major thing which affects the security issues in the UC are
eavesdropping as the nonresident people can invade the IP connection so that
they can comfortably eavesdrop on the instant messaging, Web conferencing or
via any other communication channel. This happens in the event especially when
the business would extend their UC potential outside of their frontier to the
nonresident people.

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ensure the privacy and integrity of such discussions, Boeing should implement
SIP trunking which aids the business organizations to use the voice over the IP
through the Internet connection. But again when organizations decide to switch
over to the IP- Internet form connection, hacking grows multiply more. To
diminish this issue the best way would be to install the SIP-known firewall so
as to use it as the protective security mechanisms. Nowadays there are much
more inventions regarding the SIP security market that will help diminish these
risks involved.