Two Factors Affecting Changes of Structure Essay

In some historical period, the technique factor ‘s influence was important besides acts as a donimant factor in many activies at these recent old ages.

The ground why engineering plays important function is the character of organisation and the ability of productiveness of it rely on engineering ( Perrow, 1967, P194 ) . The positive procedures of it develop competitory advantages over those that do non. It exsits the procedure of certain bussiness activities adjust certain constructions. Plenty of facts demonstrate that the technological impact on organiztional construction is the taking constituent of many companys ‘ insolvent or metempsychosis.In add-on, proficient alteration widen the grade of unfastened system between organisation and environment to accomplish the diffusion of engineering in organisation besides between organisation and environment.

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Depend on interaction between organisation and environments, organisation will alter construction or public presentation as the environmental state of affairs alterations. The definition of unfastened system is: organisation in order to accomplish its end that will trust on the interaction with environment in which it exsits ( i.e.

capableness, information and stuffs ) . Uncertainty and complexness of environment stimulate the construction of organisation and unfastened system to expose diverseness and changeaility.

Technology influences on the construction of organisation:

The definitions of engineering have been good explained by organisational research workers, one of these definitions is from Joan Woodward, “ the specific engineering of the organisation is, the aggregation of works, machines, tools and formulas available at a given clip for the executing of the production undertaking and the principle underlying their use. ” ( Reeves, Turner and Woodward, 1970, p.4 )Subsequently, the British sociologist Alan Fox has suggested that engineering be seperated into stuff engineering and societal engineering. Material engineering is which can be seen, touched and heared ; while societal engineering is which relates to the behavior and relationships in the organizaiton, include occupation definitions, payment systems, motive and so on.From these statements, engineering does non controled by our head and organizaiton constructions, which appear to be determined by its demands.

Technology development forces organisations to utilize new engineerings, which appear competitory pressures.The procedure of proficient invention makes development of production and new services as a consequence of competitory advantage in international trade. In this research, they think that engineering as a “ dependent variables ” in eventuality theory in organisation construction, nevertheless called an “ independent variable ” which affect environment alteration, organizaiton construction alteration and competitory state of affairs alteration. In my essay briefly talk about engineering as dependent factor.

The relationship between engineering and organisation construction was categorized by Joan Woodward for three parts: unit or little batch, big batch or mass production, and uninterrupted procedures. This is the representative of technological determinism, related engineering to the organisational construction, when engineering become complex so the bid ‘s concatenation increased ; main executives ‘ span of control increased ; labour ‘s proportion increased ; and the proportion of directors to the entire employed work force increased. In add-on, the technology-structure nexus is near to the effectivity of public presentation so that engineering is defined the nature of work in the organisation. From the figure we can clearly realised the engineering factor as a dependent variables in the organisation.Genernal economic status

External environment

Human resourcesFiscal resourcesOrganizationCultureGovernment


Natural stuffsIndustryMarketBeginning: R.A. Barcon and Jerald Greenberg, Behaviour in organisation ( 3rd edition ) , Allyn and Bacon, London,1990, P.


Enviornment influences on the construction of organisation

In the early research workers ‘ statements, they tend to disregard and underestimate the of import of the relationship between environment and organisation because directors so have the false feeling that organisation is nil to make with their involvement and control. However, the alteration of organisation environment becomes even more violent, its consequence on public presentation of organisation increasing of import, so environment factor has been explored often.

Hence, some research workers consider that it should divide organisation environment into interior and exterior sides. Focus on internal operation to losing the complexness of outside environmental steps may go forth organisation in danger. While internal environment chiefly designed by civilization and organisation construction consequence in ignore the significance of the generral environment and specific environment. In this article, exterior environment shoud be analyzed.

In contingecy theory which categorized organisation environment two facets: the general environement and specific environment. To specify the relation of them should be confer withing Stephen P. Robbins ‘ organisational theoretical account:Political factorEconomic factorThe genernal environment

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Specific environment


Potential entrantsclientorganisationrivalreplacementSocial factorTechnological factor

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

Before an organisation efforts to success, the functions of engineering and environment should be settled really. Few organisations could be equipped themselves with R & A ; D capacity and sufficient proficient power to supply their benefits, while most of them choose to present engineering from environment, there is no uncertainty that engineering is a portion of environment if from this point. That is, engineering non merely belongs to environment but besides as an component of organisation construction, which as a status connects with each other.The environment has been a chief country of organisation and technological accent, besides the cognition about environmental impacts is still indispensable in most industries, which may defy uncertainness and complexness about alterations for directors.

In 1960s, Danel.Katz, Robert.Kahn and James.

Thompson contributed to the “ theory of unfastened system ” , it is one of the most influential statements surround the universe. The position really develops an unfastened system in the organisation, the necessary apporach is to input the information from extrior environment to fulfill the organisation construction and public presentation otherwise will be die off, accent environemnt of import to organization.Their statements wholly break the traditional theory that organisation exsiting in a close environment. Furthermore, British research workers Tom.Burns, G.M.Stalker presented the “ eventuality theory ” , which thought that different environments need different forms of organisation and organisation should take suited construction and type to organisation based on the state of affairs of it. Even in the organisation there should be hold non same types to systems.

In comparing, eventuality theory instead than unfastened system theory to emphasizing on how to set environment non merely see unfastened system to organisation.

Case Study:

With the rapid development of computing machine engineering, this sort of new economic signifier is emerging and developing soon, people call that “ new economic system ” . The construct may explicate that new economic system makes knowledge economic system as a foundation and take invention as nucleus undertaking, maintaining hi-tech industry centered on information engineerings. It locates planetary degree has a really broad scope of cyberspace market channel, many worldwide market, in other words, that is a new economic type of sustainable development.

For case, Wal-Mart found itself require emerging engineerings to command cost and heightening development consequence in whether puting in orbiter system become an of import proposal. While many stockholders as technicists advised that should be puting in satellite system plan because of new engineering ‘s immense benefits and broader market. At first, Sam Walton did non believe it is a “ sensible degree of investing ” , but these technicists experienced a figure of informations that proved the feasibleness of puting orbiter system and would convey great economic benefits, every bit good as pressed on Sam, eventually full board accepted the plan ‘s public presentation that value of four billion dollars’satellite, which tested and launched by Hughes. The new method proved and ensue in more than 4,000 shops involved in world-wide computing machine connexion, an betterment in mean capacity of goods direction that could cipher the whole goods of each shop ‘s stock list, how many new reaching and gross revenues volume, every bit good as noticed to drivers that up-to- the-minute traffic studies and adjusted optimum path to them.

Control through engineering to set environment alteration, the success of Wal-Mart accomplishing gross revenues and bringing come into measure besides distribution centre and providers consistent with each other, that is, to be efficiency in production, worsening the cost of production so that become choice objects.for clients. This disciplinary action happened in the alteration of environment to choose proficient invention, it effects on the construction of organisation and public presentation, the organisation inaugural pick alteration itself to set to environment alteration.Another illustration is the move of media industry during the fiscal crisis.

From the sight of planetary media concern, US-led and other western states selttled absolute advantages than China. Under the counsel of Time Warner, Sony and Disney, these media giants, 95 % of the universe market is held by over 50 western media companies. Particularly American media industry development more than it was in any other epoch ( non merely in the span of industry but besides in division is subdivided, planetary enlargement ) . So American economicst claim that there is no 1 can last if look a long permanent economic failing.

The centre of fiscal crisis was outbreaked in U.S. , the effects rapid diffused all over the universe, although from the historical fiscal crisis to analyze, media, computing machine equipment, communicating industry, medical and baccy industry had small influence, the consequence can non be undervalued.

The issue of advertisement industry should be concerned, because most media industry chiefly depends on ad gross. Hence, endeavor must be hurt and do a series of concatenation reaction of cut down advertise investing and media industry comparatively damaged if break fiscal crisis. Harmonizing to American media CBS, most net income rely on advertise, a study by Goldman Sachs ‘ analyst said that the most underrated and unappreaciated endeavor was CBS in the interested amusement home bases. In add-on, JP Morgon ‘s analyst reported that CBS ‘s income of broadcast would be decreased 2 % to 6 % , a economicst of Sanford C Bernstein added that CBS ‘s net income of per portion may worsen 20 % if suffer economic recession. Related to a certain degree ad of existent estate in newspaper, due to this subprime crisis affect to fiscal crisis, the existent estate in U.S. so suffered extremly want so that these ads speedy decreased and so influence on the net income. At the state of affairs of fiscal crisis, the hapless economic environment has a great consequence to media industry, while most media enterprises peculiar accent on telecasting and cyberspace than ad in damaged industries.

That is change the construction of organisation to set environment.


To sum up, the environmental alterations should ever be the chief refering issue of the company ‘s director. In order to heighten the work efficiency, organisation should reconstitute in respond to the altering milieus. Second, to see the impact of engineering is the consequence of direction determinations about the purpose or intent of the organisation and how to accomplish intent in what ways for directors. Technical alteration acts as an engine to the procedures of mangement of decision-making.

Limited by the consequence of subjective factor, there are some lacking or imperfect statements in it.The stuffs of instances non wholly and profoundly and the portion of theory ‘s analyse limited in the grade of scholar in the first phase consequence in the consequences of research have some mistake. Hope to reasoning effectivity and deeply.