Topic Why Should Students Study Public Essay

Why should students study public speaking? Nowadays, public speaking is one of most significant skills that everyone, especially students, should master. Public speaking, as its name implies, means making one’s thoughts or ideas public. Without a doubt, speaking in public is so challenging and even difficult that students have to spend a lot of time as well as make enormous efforts to be able to become an expert in it. In spite Of this, public speaking is worth their time and endeavor for three main persuasive reasons: communication skill improvement, leadership skill enhancement and getting a better job assurance.

First of all, students should learn how to do public speaking and use it as a vital means of communication. As Lucas (2007) finds that public speaking has been considered as a crucial means communication for a long time (PA). It can be said that public speaking has a gigantic impact on enhance communication skill. Through learning public speaking students can improve their confidence dramatically. The more confident they are, the better their communication skill will be. “Surveys about our fears commonly show fear of public speaking at the top of the list.

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Our fear of standing in front of a group and talking is so great that we fear it more than death, in surveys at least” (Croûton, 2012). This is all because they lack of confidence and speaking experience. By enrolling in a public speaking course, students can be gradually familiar with raising their voice in front of many people. After the course, they will be more likely to overcome their fear and have the courage to talk to others smoothly and assertively. As a result, their communication skill will be considerably enhanced.

Moreover, public speaking is one of the best ways for one to get his or her message across to a large number of people. According to Lacuna’s report, most of the today’s people all over the world have used public speaking to share their thoughts and effects (2007, p. 4). By standing up and speaking to a large audience, students’ ideas and knowledge will be not only transferred but also demonstrated to the listeners. Consequently, they can boost their reputation, which gives them the right to communicate with professionals or experts of the field or major they are studying.

If students can do that, they can actually reach a higher level of communication skill. The next reason is that students can make use of public speaking to elevate their leadership skill. In other words, they have to study public speaking if they want to be a leader. When students are so familiar with speaking in public that they can master all of its techniques, they will have the ability to create the interaction between them and the listeners.

Through making eye contact and observing the gestures or behaviors of the audiences while speaking, students can know what they are thinking about their speech. Thanks to that, they can adjust what they are going to speak in order to please the listeners. This technique is especially useful when one is appealing to others for voting for him or her as the leader of a group, the monitor or even the president. However, trying to pleasing all people may appear impossible sometimes because different people have different ideas.

To deal with this problem, students should try to persuade all of them instead. As Hobbes and Weaver II (2007) defines a leader as the one who has the power to change the way others think and behave (p. 258). In fact, students who have earned public speaking are more likely to convince other people than those who have not. By using the power of their words, they can control others’ mind and feeling about them. For example, there is a class whose members always debate with each other and never respect one another’s opinions.

The monitor who is considered as the leader of the class has to hold a meeting, and in front of the whole class, he or she uses persuasive and inspiring words to change the members’ attitude toward each other. After the monitors speech, the status of class is dramatically improved. In brief, a successful deader is the one who has the ability to not only change other people’s mind but push them to do as he or she wants them to do as well. Students can use public speaking as the most effective weapon to achieve that aim. Last but not least, public speaking can help students in their career development.

In other words, it can ensure their future. According to Hobbes and Weaver II (2007), public speaking plays an essential role for an individual to both develop himself or herself and gain his or her major achievement. In reality, most of the recruiters appreciate the candidates who have soft skills such as communication skill or leadership skill than those who only have a great deal of academic knowledge. As being mentioned above, communication skill and leadership skill are enhanced by doing public speaking, both of which are qualities that most employers look for.

By learning public speaking students can obtain the experience in understanding and persuading other people. After graduating from university, they can apply these skills when they have interviews. With these skills and knowledge they have learned, undoubtedly, they will please even the most cross-grained interviewers. In addition, public speaking can be extremely useful in many fields; in fact, students who learn this subject can benefit from it in any jobs they do.

For example: to be a teacher, one has to stand in front of his or her students to transfer the knowledge to them; if one is a politician, he or she has to speak in public with all eyes and ears on him or her to appeal the voters. TO sum up, public speaking is the most important and deciding factor or students to get better jobs in the future. No one can deny that public speaking has a tremendous impact on students in many aspects. Students should be more aware of its importance so that hey can make efforts to master it.

On the whole, students should study public speaking for their own benefits: obtaining communication skill, procuring leadership skill and ensuring a promising future.