Today’s out as a result of technology. Social media

Today’s world is influenced by many
factors. One of which is technology; many things have been created that have
revolutionized society. Social Media is one of the newly invented platforms,
which have come out as a result of technology. Social media is used on the web
or via applications where users can view, share and learn about what others in their
lives, communities and countries are doing. But social media also has its
downsides. Social media has made our lives less private and has allowed people
to be able to find out confidential information about us. This topic is vital
because all people using social media, from all different age groups, should be
aware of the risks involved within social media because their privacy could be
invaded by anyone. Social media can thus be seen as a threat as people can set out
to harm you through invasion of your privacy. Social media is bad because it
affects or privacy and communication skills.

Social media affects our privacy
because it allows individuals using social media to be able to put information
about themselves, locations, interests etc. Many users of social media   post pictures
of themselves that are rather exposing and they portray themselves in these
images to their friends, colleagues and families. Many young users of social
media usually take self-portraits and full-bodied pictures, and videos of them
doing ridiculous things that may not be morally accepted. Due to the fact that
information and media shared/uploaded on social media   platforms
are available for publicity for an indefinite time an employer can go through
an employee’s photos and see a photo of them taking shots in a sketchy area or a
person willing to   commit to a relationship with someone could
see something provoking that changes their mindset and because of this social
media is very deadly to one’s privacy and can even affect their opportunities
if anything.

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 Social media is also a threat because many
people are often ridiculed on it. Cyber bullying often occurs on social media. Usually
when someone wants to victimize someone or make a nuisance of them they do it
through social media. Often a person will expose a video, picture or even a bad
text about a person they dislike, allowing those on the web to judge the
victim. We have seen cases of this with celebrities through leaked sex tapes
and pictures that have ruined their reputations. We see the result of damaging effects
of social media as a source speaks on how an individual takes themselves away from
social media to avoid the consequences of its use. Predators usually use social
media to ridicule people they do not like because they know their friends will
see this and it will humiliate them. Author Brian Jung of Demand   Media further
adds that:  “The devastation of these
online attacks can leave deep mental scars”.  He further goes on to argue that due to such
bullying most victims opt for suicide. Kids today are very fragile and being
exposed or ridiculed on a popular platform where all their friends can see them
being mocked can affect them psychologically and lead them to taking really rash
and   harsh decisions. When uploading  a picture onto your Facebook   timeline,
we are not  only giving information about
ourselves but we are also revealing information about other people who are
probably not even aware of the fact that a part of their life is being exposed
to a large number of people. When we tag a friend in a photo, this person can
see that there is a picture on their timeline which means that all your friends
and probably people your “not friends with” (depending on your privacy
settings) can see. But if this person is not tagged, he or she will probably
never know that there is a picture circulating on the Internet of him or her.
The pictures on Facebook can have serious effects on our personal life. For
example, when you apply for a job, the employer may look on your Facebook or on
any social media to see your online activities. “Cheerleader Kendall Jones
attracted a huge amount of attention after images of her posing with kills were
posted to Facebook despite the public backlash, her Facebook page 815,000
followers, but she is still the magnet of abusive comments”.

Social media is also negative
because it has deteriorated communication skills and abilities. Initially
social media platforms such as Facebook for example were created to ease
communication in a technologically advancing society. Facebook was launched in 2004
as a service for students at Harvard University to communicate easily with
their fellow peers at Harvard and link up to complete assignments and so forth,
but as the years went on and its popularity increased it changed its purpose.
There are now approximately 1.23 billion users of Facebook according to a
survey done by researchers at “the next web” and this number keeps growing.  More and more people have started using the social
media platform in order to keep in touch with relatives and family far away, to
socialize with friends and find long lost friends and also to share and view
information and media As Bill Gates says: “Communication is a good thing and
social media is about a vast number of topics and share different experiences
and opinions and is highly helpful.

Opponents of social media have many
different negative facts that have arisen due to the misuse of social media
such as the prevention of face-to-face interactions. They further go on to add
that time wasting activities are done on social media and children or young
adolescents who have not yet well developed  may  find
 their  brain behavior alter and  this can further on lead   to sicknesses
such as ADHD. Lastly negative people such as pedophiles, identity thieves and
burglars are found on social media and can also make life uncomfortable for
many. In my personal opinion as a user of social media I would have to say yes
there are many faults but there are many positives as well.  It all depends on the user I believe, it is
not a bad thing until it is exaggerated. Social media play a negative factor
and we as people should be careful of what we put on the internet. Social media
 can affect your lifestyle, employment,
affect other and other negative factor that can pertain within the society.