Today, States or Russia, it is difficult to expect

Today, the Russian media announce the completion of the mission against the urging and withdrawal of troops from Syria, especially follow up with the aim of looking forward to the next stage.When we talk about great powers, such as the United States or Russia, it is difficult to expect a direct withdrawal from either region. But it is about how these forces implement their interests in different ways depending on regional and international changes.For the United States there is almost unanimous consensus that US policy in Syria has been declining for more than a year in favor of the Russian role, which, in cooperation with Iran and Turkey, was able to impose a new reality different from that of Western countries.The United States and its allies do not declare a direct defeat in Syria, but they also fail to achieve any of the goals set at the beginning of the Syrian war, effectively defeating their political project and seeking other ways to reduce defeat and deal with reality.In this context, since Trump came to the White House, there has been a clear problem for Americans in articulating a clear strategy, and there have been serious differences between the Pentagon, the State Department and the White House in detail. What is new is that Trump, with his problematic personality and rude style, does not make it easy for the rest of the administration to swallow his policies.The current reality is dictated by the Russian vision, especially after Russia’s success in attracting Turkey and the positive attitude that Iran has taken with this step. A step that has a direct impact on the progress of the Russian vision on the American project in Syria and its broad lines are summarized as follows: The rejection of the partition plan by rejecting the “revolutionary” movements, because previous experiences of Syria proved that these moves were at the beginning of some or at a later station of its course a ride for foreign interests.To extinguish the spark of ethnic and national conflicts, as these conflicts are a direct threat to Russian diversity.Syria from the first moment of the start of the war is a platform to re-formulate the balance of power regionally, and the absence of Moscow from this platform means losing the weight of its international role.Russia is not a party to any new regional conflict; it is seeking calm and a political settlement. This item is at the core of the Russian position of the Israeli aggressions in Syria. As in the context of the Russian position on the Turkish-Kurdish conflict.