Today get into the very first thing that stylish

I’m gonna be talking about seven things that stylish women should never wear.

Now I
know, you guys are probably expecting me to say things like the fanny pack spandex
socks with shoes but honestly, I’m not gonna mention those.

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trends seem to kind of come and go.

So, it’s
really hard for me to say what to never wear but nonetheless I know you guys
really like these posts.

I personally
love reading these kinds of posts.

So, I
have come up with seven things that stylish women should never wear.

But take
this with a grain of salt.

This is
all in good fun you really don’t have to listen to me it’s just a fun post to read
and there are some pointers probably.

Fashion Tips 1: Descriptive

we’re gonna get into the very first thing that stylish women should never wear
and what it is, sweatpants with words on the butt.

just don’t think it’s very nice.

don’t know. I guess I feel like sweatpants aren’t really that flattering to
begin with.

But then,
when you add a descriptive word to the buttocks area, it just makes it like 10 times

your butt really is juicy, but I don’t really need to read that or imagine it.

let’s just all stop pulling attention to our butts.

I’m sure
you guys have a really nice face.

So, let’s
try to look at that instead and that actually leads me to my next point.

Fashion Tips 2: Less Is Not
Always Sexy

two is wearing anything too revealing.

definitely think, i’ve mentioned this before on my posts and this is totally a
personal preference.

so many women out there that would definitely disagree with me on this, but I personally
believe that less is more when it comes to dressing your body parts.

are people out there that intentionally try to have cleavage and they go really
really far with it.

Like they
will specifically pull their shirts down they’ll wear a bra that really lifts them
up and pushes them out so that’s all people see when they first look at them

guess I just feel like sometimes that’s too much again.

This is
a total personal preference, but I personally think that kind of showing off
your neckline can actually be more of a subtle way and also kind of sexy way to
get noticed.

you could get yourself noticed with your wrist and by that, I mean a cool watch.

let’s get back to cleavage.

Fashion Tips 3: Misfits

cleavage actually segues perfectly into my number three point which is wearing
bras that don’t fit.

stylish women just shouldn’t wear bras that don’t fit.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard the staggering percentage out there of women
or girls walking around that are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them correctly.

think, it’s like 80 or 90 percent.

It’s really
crazy and honestly, I used to never even think about this until I finally found
a bra that really fit me perfectly and now I feel like it’s changed my life and
I can’t go back.

A lot
of people really like going into Victoria’s Secret and they will actually
measure you on the spot and really try to find the perfect size bra for you.

So that’s
definitely a really great option and I have done that before and i’ve liked it.

My point
is don’t wear bras that don’t fit.

Go through
your drawers and throw out all of those bras that you’ve had for like ten years.

I know you guys have ones that are that old because I do too and just throw
them out.

just all start fresh with good fitting bras.

All right,
so we’re moving on to number four and we’re now getting into actual tangible
things that stylish women shouldn’t wear.

things that will make people mad at me.

let’s just get to it.

just gonna say it’s Crocs.

Fashion Tips 4: CROCS…

know, I know people, I know so many people love these things or like holy
rubbery smelly unusual shoes that people wear.

And I
know they can be totally great for like going outside doing yard work, going
for walks, maybe playing outside with your kids.

think they’re actually amazing shoes for kids, but I know that adults really
love wearing them.

don’t personally have any, but I do see that in some cases.

be great but when I think it’s weird is when I see people like out shopping
wearing Crocs.

let just move on to the next point number five.

Fashion Tips 5: Furry

It’s still
in the shoe realm.

another thing that women shouldn’t wear are those furry moon boots as I like to
call them.

And, what’s
funny is before I started writing this post I googled furry moon boots and they
actually popped up.

don’t really think they’re called that but it’s ironic and funny to me that
that’s what came up.

basically to me they look like dead cats wrapped around your feet.

And they
look like an astronaut should be wearing them.

they’re totally stylish like in outer space but on earth I don’t really think
they are.

Okay that
was like a totally a bad joke. Oh my gosh I’m like my dad.

just move on from shoes, and please don’t hate me.

The number
six thing that women should never wear is actually not clothes, or it is in
fact blue eye shadow.

Fashion Tips 6: Deep
Blue Shades

Now I
totally realize that vibrant eyeshadow palettes are all the rage right now and wearing
vibrant makeup is really in style.

But when
it comes to blue, it’s really hard to do.

guess my final thoughts on the blue eyeshadow thing is you can definitely wear
it but just go very light with it.

So, just
go light with it and I think hopefully you’ll be okay already.

we are onto the last one number seven and honestly, I think I have definitely
saved the best for last.

And I
honestly think you guys will all agree with me on this one.

But the
seventh thing that stylish women should never wear is anything that others tell
you to wear.

Fashion Tips 7: Be Your
Own Boss


It doesn’t
matter what anyone says or thinks.

If you
love something you wear it.

know my blog and my posts are very focused around like fashion tricks and tips,
and style recommendations, and mistakes, but in the end, it doesn’t matter what
I say, or what others say.

If you
like something you should just wear it.

You rock
it with confidence.

With that
being said though I’m obviously still going to be writing fashion and style posts,
it’s what I love to do.

you enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget to comment down below and share it
with your friends.