Today easily. The products that they are selling to

Today Apple  company  is the most popular brand in technology is in the world. This company created by Steve job. In the past few year, apple company got billions of their own consumers. This company is always the first company which comes out with the new product in the market before other companies. People love this product because they have a good design, working fast, easy to use and keeping things simple.


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Apple company doing their marketing by social media, tv, and radio. They are making great marketing about their products to get the consumers attention and that it almost feels like a necessity to have their products. Also, not even just Apple promotes their products, their consumer promotes by telling other people how good Apple products are and this convince the consumer to get their products.

Consumer buying behavior

Biggest Apple’s competitors are Alphabet Inc, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Nokia. There were other competitors in the business providing almost the same product but the had a major weakness where they were unable to compete on quality and design. Apple had both detailed oriented design and quality that created a challenge in the market for competitors.

Competitive Analysis

Apple is an American company which makes best phone and iPod. This company make products that consumers need. Their product is high quality and powerful software which makes everything easy for people who are doing business to continue their work by phone easily. The products that they are selling to consumers are iPhone, iPod and iPad, apple watch, apple tv and Mac computer and their service are such as iOS, iTunes, Mac App Store, iCloud and Apple Music.

Business description


In 1984 Steve and Johnny I’ve released a new computer which dominated the industry. After that achievement Apple continued flourishing and thriving till today.

Early 90’s Steve released a portable computer which failed due to weight and inconvenience. Apple then released the power book 100 with was a huge success. Apple then partnered with IBM in 1999 to make a new computer processor which failed due to competitors and overproduction. Microsoft partnered up with Apple after Apple CEO purchased Next, which brought back Steve as the CEO of apple.

Apple II was made 1977 with a keyboard, a case and a floppy disc drive, compared to Apple I without a keyboard and case. In 1980 Apple invented their own pc named apple Lisa and free. Both apple free and Lisa failure miserably. After the failure, Steve Jobs released a new computer in January 24th, 1984 called Macintosh. The Macintosh had a 128-kb ram, keyboard and mouse, which extremely easy to use and sold very well. Steve jobs in 1985 was forced to leave apple, due to John Sculley wanting more power. Steve then bought the company Pixar from George Lucas, the Star Wars director. Steve proceeded to establish his own company and named it NEXT, which failed poorly. In 1987, he released the Macintosh II, LC and SE, all three computers had colour graphics and was a success.

Apple is the most popular brand in technology, it was invented 42 years ago in 1976. On April 1st, 1976, Apple was founded by electronic worker Ronald Wayne who was 42 at the time, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who were in their 20’s at the time. They invented the Apple company at a garage which belonged to Steve jobs. At the time computers were extremely huge and Steve, Wozniak and Ronald had a vision to make computer small and easy to use at home and at work.