To in bag in such a way that heavy

To avoid
musculoskeletal problems and disorders in future different preventative steps
should be taken to prevent developmental change in school going growing
children. Parents and school authorities should work together to prevent these issues.
Parents should buy the school bags to their children which are comfortable and
have padded starps. Parents should check school bags of their child on daily
basis in order to check that whether their child is not carrying unnecessary
accessories and books to school.Parents should consult to the doctor
immediately if child complain of any discomfort, fatigue or pain while carrying
school bag. School should provide lockers to students to keep their bags and
other materials like sports equipments etc.Teacher should tell students to
bring only their recommended books and do not bring their handbooks and
guidebooks. School administration should work to keep one period to teach
students about correct way of carrying 
school bag to prevent discomforts. 
The curriculum of syllabus of a class should be set  in such a way that it does not give stress to
both students and teachers. Teachers should focus more on class work rather
then home work. So that student should not have burden of doing homework at
home. Students should carry school bag on both shoulders. Shoulder straps
should be short to keep the bag close to body to prevent change in posture and
pain. Students should not carry excess material and unnecessary assecories  to school. They should carry empty water
bottle to school and then fill it up before class instead of carrying full
water bottle al the way to school. They should arrange their books and all
other things in bag in such a way that heavy things become close to body.

studies in future can be done in Private schools with different sample and
population. Studies can also be to find out the prevalence of disability in
subjects in future

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