To can be caused by the way the society

To understand the disability and
dependency as social constructs that the people with the specific impairment or additional
need and it has been treated as disabled and expected independent on other
people to  justify their daily basic on activities
and social needs. The social model of disability which can be planned by people
with disabilities, this can suggest that society will not view the individuals
as disabled but there is mechanisms in the place for people with specific need
that will make them feel equal to people who does not have any needs also they
can live their lives independently without the family, friends or carer to
assist them with daily living task.  The
social construct  of disability is the
idea and the institution will have power to construct disability around the
expectation of health and this can be argue with disability which is based on
several restricted social expectations.

There are
two models of disability are medical model which the person’s impairment will
try to treat the people with medication and other specialist interventions such
as surgery.  For social model which can
be created by disabled people and the understanding the disability can be caused
by the way the society organise. The aim can be find in different ways of
removing the barriers that will control life choices for people who is disabled
therefore they can live independently, for example – this may install the encouragement
and meeting the convenience so the people will access the building without
having to ask the assistance for help.

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Social construct is a knowledge of any given culture
that will not represent the truth but it can appear to be natural and obvious
to the people who can accept it.

Disability is a physical or mental condition
that confines the movements of an individual.

Disablement is related with verb disable and this
is condition that will make an individual unable to perform daily activities
without the assistance which can arise from the physical or mental impairment
such as inability to see, lack of mobility or learning disability.

Discrimination is when the person who is treated
less fairly than other people because where they look , their nationality  or ethnicity , gender and their age also this
can be important for health and social care professional that they will treat
all the service user equally and they will provide everyone same opportunities
for care. Furthermore, most people will not be discriminated against their

Impairment is when the person lose a function of
their body, it can be physical or mental. For instance, the service user will
have problem with their sight which is visual impairment and if the person who
born without limb removed that means they have physical impairment.