To batch of equipment and resources, as a result

To summarize, the sandwich shop
business will have to maintain their own set budget as this is crucial for the business
to improve and flourish. Managing a set budget can be done by using budgetary
control. Budgetary control will substantially improve the sandwich shop
business as it will fundamentally influence the amount of income that can be
spent and ensure that the sandwich shop business always has enough income and or
is exceeding sales targets to run smoothly for the long term. In addition to this,
Budgetary control can also make sure the business does not have to go through
debt, by showing what can contribute to a loss of income e.g. not enough stock
available to make accommodate certain customers who cannot eat certain foods
e.g. limited to consuming gluten free foods. Budgetary control will allow a
comparison to be made with the set budget of the sandwich shop business as well
as the expenditure and actual income. To conclude the use of a spreadsheet
accurately within the sandwich shop business, will help alleviate the chosen
problems stated above.

The sandwich shop business,
will undoubtedly require good ingredients to make strong sales, this can lead
to a complex issue. However, this issue can be resolved by utilizing a cash
flow forecast on a frequent basis as it will present all ingredients being purchased
by the sandwich shop business. Therefore, this will improve the business since a
senior executive of the sandwich shop business will be able to comprehend how much
stock of ingredients will need to be bought, in order for less waste of potential
stock that can become expired if not consumed within a given time or It can be
that the stock does not meet the level of routine replenishment for the business.

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The sandwich shop business will
require the correct resources and computer systems in order to make profit to a
high standard. This will involve having a good supply of necessary equipment
e.g. plastic coffee cups, spoons and plates to ensure that customers are given good
customer service and care. The use of a cash flow forecast would be useful as
it will portray the amount of money being spent on orders of each batch of
equipment and resources, as a result this will allows a senior executive within
the sandwich shop business realize the amount of income spent for the run of
the business and decide whether it is insufficient in terms of economical
sustainability or if it is efficient for the business.

Secondly a different
complicated issue a business can expect is keeping a record, in terms of the number
of hours in a set time period, each individual person within the work place
commits to as well the time taken for different shifts which employees have within
a business. In order to resolve this issue, the sandwich business which may be
affected can use a what if scenario, this complex problem involves data which can
be altered anytime if an employee within a business leaves or is fired. As a result,
their shift must be taken and covered by another employee or there will need to
be an open vacancy made for a person to take the role via external means e.g. online
job board. Moreover, a what if scenario can present whether a work place
individual is available at a specific time on a specific day or otherwise not. Thus,
it will allow the senior executive of the sandwich shop business to have a peace
of mind to know and delegate what shifts should be taken by another employee to
commit to at a business.

A particular, difficult issue
a business can always expect is assessing how much income, will be needed to be
payed to each individual member, working within a business regarding the number
of hours they commit towards e.g. a sales person commits to working 20 hours in
their given role. This complex issue can be resolved by using payroll
projections, which can be effectively beneficial towards a senior executive of a
business to calculate how much an hourly rate should be for a working
individual. (e.g. selling food products). By comprehending the status of a job
role and how it stands within a business, whether it is an entry level based
role, or a senior management role the income earned by an individual within a
business will essentially depend on how challenging their role is to thrive and
develop a business for the long term. Furthermore, a contributing factor as to
how much a worker in a business earns can solely depend on the amount of revenue
a sandwich shop business, is earning every month or year and then sharing the
income between them self and staff members. Taxes can also impact a sandwich
shop business as they will need to be payed for the business to run at its own
location. This can generally affect the income given to employees within a
business as the hourly rate of income may be good or poor depending on the
situation of a business. However, a payroll projection can allow business
individuals to avoid going into debt as it will portray all expenditures payed
or planning to be payed for the future of a business. This will help a business
keep a record of what and how their money is being spent and therefore improve
as a result.