To and social circumstances of possibly working in a

To name an example of a macro/mezzo
level change that I believe might face a social worker whom works primarily in
micro-level practice by using a scenario to describe it easier. Let’s suppose a
social worker named Daniella who was employed in a micro level practice of the
Department of child protective service(CPS). The micro level practice in this
position in nature could entail one on one work with clients and families to examine
children deaths and then writing case reports to describe what happened.

The macro/mezzo change
from a micro level could be found on page two where she is entertaining the
idea from a friend who found her a job at the Eastern District as a Probation
officer. Danielle went from a micro environment working at (CPS) to what is
considered a macro level working environment. This was where she was working in
uncontrollable decision-making process. The uncontainable process includes
political and social circumstances of possibly working in a rural or urban
setting as compared to a small town. Some of the macros she can be working with
can contain the programs of a client who was put into when he was released into
from prison for example. These programs established by the Federal Government
and can consist of counseling, living in a halfway house and case supervision
services established by the halfway house.

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Danielle does not
have a say to what type of programs that are to be established because these
were already established as a condition for release from prison by the client. This
would cause her to go from a Micro to Macro working environment in a brief time.  Towards the end of the case, she can to leave
the decision-making process in the judge’s hands by asking the judge “What is
your recommendation on this issue?”  This
is another system of macro playing a part in the decision-making process and
causing issues for a micro-level social worker being thrown into macro/mezzo
levels environments also shows the overlap with somebody working in the micro
level interacting with the macro and mezzo levels like when it comes to judges
and other federal regulations.

 It affects special populations like in this
instance being prisoners being released because even though a micro level
social worker may know what’s best for him/her, due to federal, state or even
county law that he/she’d have little to no say compared to a judge which can
raise ethical concerns to who knows best~ a social worker working in the micro
level who does 1 on 1 work with the client in question or a judge whom makes
macro-level choices for the person just because he’s legally qualified in his
position to make such judgements despite not always knowing the client as well
as the micro-level social worker. Most of the time, the micro-level social
worker is there to serve the person rather than make choices for them which can
burdened when their clients are prescribed something from the macro or even
mezzo level that they feel is inadequate or incorrect for their client despite
them most of the time knowing them better relatively than the one’s making the
choices from above about what is right. In most case, its not their right for
the micro level social workers to make their choices for them or even to