Title revolution in the western retail industry. The supermarket


Research of
Retail industry

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Introduction background


Diary shop,
internet, marketing, a bit history of B to B, B to C, O to O


In history, the
retail industry in developed capitalist countries has undergone three major

In 1852, the
first retail supermarket in the world was born: the “good market”
store in France. The first revolution in Western retail industry has been
completed. In August 1930, the first supermarket in the world was born in New
York, the United States, and became the banner of the second revolution in the
western retail industry. The supermarket counters open, on-demand services, the
outlet of centralized payment, open shelf sales, sales staff from direct
service into indirect service, so as to realize the retail industry
simplification, standardization and centralization. The rise and development of
chain retail industry has been called the third epoch-making change of retail

For the retail
industry, the western countries developed earlier. After many years of
development, some large retail businesses were produced, such as the famous
French Carrefour, WAL-MART retail supermarket and so on. And many retail
supermarkets have also created a good enterprise brand, accumulating a lot of
business experience.

In the case of
the United States on 30s, century supermarket booming, started the development
process from the traditional department store type to a variety of forms,
distinctive national retail supermarket. In 50s, there was a large shopping
mall in the suburb, and the 60s discount store came out, and the warehouse type
store came into being in 80s. All these forms are adapted to the needs of the
chain. Especially in the period from 1970 to 1980, due to the depression of the
US economy, many retail supermarkets were independent and difficult to support.
The retail supermarkets were automatically combined to organize retail
supermarket chains to improve efficiency and reduce costs. At present,
supermarket management plays a leading role in the retail industry in the
United States


To sum up, the
development of retail industry in Europe and the United States mainly has the
following characteristics: long history, mature technology, high quality of
service, high efficiency, and the main form of supermarket chains. This form
can serve customers better and increase profits. It is a good example to form a
brand and form a scale effect.


What is the new
retail industry in the Internet age? That is to say, enterprises rely on the
Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales process
of commodities through the use of advanced technology such as big data and
artificial intelligence, so as to reshape the format structure and ecosystem,
and online services, offline experience and modern.


What is

use a variety of electronic tools to engage in business or activity.

Narrow sense:
mainly use the Internet to engage in business or activities.

For example,
the online store is a typical narrow – sense e-commerce.

e-commerce is only part of the processes and links of trade activities through
the use of electronic tools, such as:

1. in the pages
of electronic information.

2. electronic
trade is used instead of paper credentials to do business.

3. electronic
contracts, such as e-mail and electronic data exchange, are used to identify
the rights and rights of partners.

In order to
realize e-commerce deep in addition to involve both parties outside, also need
financial institutions, government departments, certification bodies and
logistics distribution center and other aspects of support and cooperation, and
the implementation of enterprise independent operation is very difficult, but
in this kind of taobao.com trading platform, you can through the platform
system, Alipay or paypal and recommend logistics and other ancillary services,
e-commerce easy to realize the deep development.

Trading on a
trading platform to complete trade activities is not only a narrow e-commerce
mode, but also a deep e-business mode. It is the most difficult and feasible
form of e-commerce.

characteristics and application of electronic commerce

characteristics of E – commerce can be attributed to the following points:
business, service, integration, extensibility, security and coordination.

1. business:

E-commerce is
the most basic characteristic of e-commerce, that is, to provide services,
means and opportunities for buying and selling transactions.

Online shopping
provides a convenient way for customers to use. Therefore, e-commerce is an
opportunity for any enterprise of any size. Business, e-commerce can expand the
market, increase the number of customers; the web information connected to the
database, the enterprise can record every visit, sales, purchase forms and
dynamic purchases and customer preference, what is this business direction can
pass the statistical data to learn these customers want to buy the most

2. service

In the
e-commerce environment, customers are no longer restricted by the region. They
faithfully act as the old customers of a neighboring store as before, and they
no longer focus on the lowest price. Therefore, the quality of service is in a
sense the key to business activities. New results are brought about by
technological innovation. The application of the World Wide Web enables
businesses to automatically handle business processes without emphasizing the
division of labor within the company, as in the past. Many enterprises now
provide full services to customers on Internet, and the world wide web serves
as a catalyst in the improvement of this service.

3. integration

E-commerce is a
new product that uses a large number of new technologies, but it does not mean
that the emergence of new technologies must lead to the death of old equipment.
The real business value of the world wide web is to coordinate new and old technologies,
so that users can make better use of their existing resources and technologies,
and accomplish their tasks more effectively. The integration of e-commerce is
also based on the integrity and unity of transaction processing. It regulates
the workflow of transaction processing and integrates manual operation and
electrical information processing into an indivisible whole. This can not only
improve the use of manpower and material resources, but also improve the
tightness of the system.

4 scalability

To make e –
commerce functioning properly, it must ensure its extensibility. There are
millions of users on the world wide web, and in the process of transmission,
there are times of rush hour. If an enterprise can accept the original design
every 400 thousand visits, but in fact there are 800 thousand, must as soon as
possible with an extended server, otherwise the customer access speed will
decline sharply, or even to thousands of potentially lucrative customer visit.

5. security

For customers,
no matter how attractive online products are, if they are not sure about the
safety of transactions, they will not dare to buy and sell online. This is the
case with business and business.

In E –
commerce, security is the core issue that must be considered. Cheating,
eavesdropping, viruses and illegal intrusion are threatening the e-commerce, so
the network can provide a security solution for end-to-end, including
encryption, signature mechanism, distributed security management, access
control, firewall, secure web server, anti virus protection. In order to help
enterprises to create and implement these programs, many international
companies jointly launched a research on safety and technical standards for
electronic transactions and programs, and published SET (secure electronic
transaction) and SSL (secure socket layer) protocol, so that enterprises can
set up e-commerce environment in a safe. With the development of technology,
the security of electronic commerce will be enhanced accordingly, as the core
technology of electronic commerce.

6. coordination

activity is a coordinated process, it needs employees and customers, production
coordinator, suppliers and business partners. In order to improve efficiency,
many organizations provide interactive protocols, and e-business activities can
be carried out on the basis of these protocols. E – mail is one of the
traditional e-commerce solutions that can strengthen the interaction within the
company. But that’s just a small part of the coordination of employee cooperation.
The use of the World Wide Web will be connected to the processing of customer
orders, and processed by a delivery channels, such companies save time and
eliminate the paper the trouble and improve efficiency. E-commerce is a fast,
simple, user friendly information feedback tool with friendly interfaces.
Decision makers can get high value business intelligence, identify hidden
business relationships and grasp future trends. As a result, they can make more
creative and strategic decisions.


Examples of
“new retail industry”:

According to
media reports, Taobao’s sales volume of China’s leading Alibaba group is up to
120 billion 700 million Chinese Yuan this year at November 11th, and it’s
“Singles day” every November 11th. Sales are growing rapidly, has
become a grand festival Chinese, but a sales increase fast “single
day” will continue? In the future, “Singles Day” does not have
high sales in the past years, and why should e-commerce be gone? Insiders said
that when the new retail mode came out, there will be great changes in the
electricity supplier and the real economy. There will be very few traditional
models that are not aware of the progress and are likely to be eliminated. So
the business model is the joint development of the business and the real

Before the
storm of change, only the visible person can grasp the business opportunity.

The prime
minister of China said: in 5 years, the individual will disappear!

Jack Ma who is
chairman of Alibaba group said: the electric business is dead, the new business
model is going to rise!

Now the whole
business is just moving from the entity to the Internet, the network bonus
disappears, and the e-commerce is also reduced to the traditional industry.

Jack Ma pointed
out that “new retail” said “new retail” would replace the
whole business, and the media were talking about the new business model. What
was the new model like?

Under the new
mode of mobile phone line “no retail supermarket” the ultimate
experience model into the core selling point, increasingly younger consumer
groups, resulting in consumer behavior has changed, people are no longer
concerned about the cost, users are now more the pursuit of fashion and value,
more open, and guide the adventure mentality, sensitive to new technologies and
keen the high-end brand. For consumers, “I often go to Western fast food
restaurants”, “I pursue fashion, fashion and novelty” and
“I like to try new brands”, at the same time, pay more attention to
product experience outside brand. This change to consumer groups, the retail
store display products in the new line for more than, also try and explore the
content of the store user experience model from selling things to “new
experience” leap.



Finding a way
out of traditional business and make traditional marketing more prosperity.


With the rapid
development of Internet and the situation of global integration, the retail
industry is bound to change in this phenomenon, traditional retail profits
become more and more lo, cost more and more high, but the turnover cycle more
slowly, the industry gradually by the artificial intelligence automatic selling
machine, non-staff store, they are replaced by the mode of offline experience
online sales. Even the popular e-commerce has gradually entered a recession.
This study will find a suitable outlet for these traditional retail businesses,
saving unnecessary transportation costs and carbon emissions, adapting them to
the changing external environment, and also providing a more comfortable and
convenient life for the future of mankind.


Scope Objective : several dairy shops and all of NZ and top 3 supermarket
brands and top 1online business EG. Trade me co



Next section
this report will illustrates what is the process of marketing in each kinds of
business and their business volume… in recent 10 years.



Research statement:

In the
situation of online retail have taking more and more market shares instead of
traditional retail industry EG. Diary shops, supermarkets. What is the new
trends of off-line retail industry, are they going to be weed out? Instead of
Non-staff retail business. What cause this happen, save cost of human labour
and times.



Research questions

What is the new
trends of off-line retail business?


Methodology   how


Literature review what