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                                                                                                                                                                                                      To work as a full-time employee in Electrical Engineering field where I can use my technical skills and experience and can contribute to company’s growth as well as improve my knowledge.



California State University, Fullerton                                                                     Expected: May 2018

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Concentration in Embedded Systems

GPA:3.35/4.0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     SKILLS


·         MATLAB

·         PLC Scada

·         C/C++

·         MS office

·         FPGA

·         Arduino

·         AutoCAD

·         Python

·         VHDL



1.       Clap switch

·         In this project, we can turn on and turn off the bulb with the clap of hand or by tapping or making any kind of noise near the bulb.

2.       Resistance potentiometer detector

·         In this project, we change the resistance of the circuit and we can observe the change in voltage and current on the led display.

3.       Over-voltage and under-voltage protection circuit

·         In this project, if the supply voltage given to the circuit is above or under the specified voltage limit then it automatically cuts the supply to the equipment and equipment is protected to any kind of damage.

4.        Implementation of hardware security chip for mobile devices

·         To provide additional security layers for better and safe use of the mobile devices. The proposed MTM(mobile trusted module) chip is used for enhancing the security.



·         Learning Arduino (Certificate No: 52C135E8E90546C3B161D3AEF5F37460)

·         Python: Programming Efficiently (Certificate No: 44308D2FF46147F48B3A6FD397E07889)


Before developing my resume, I have gone through many resume samples on the internet. After that, I have decided that my resume should contain all the details regarding my name, professional summary, skills, education, projects and certification courses.

In the first paragraph, I have included all my personal contact details including my name, email id and cell phone number. The reason behind including these details is that if any recruiter wants to contact me at that moment only, they can contact me directly. According to me, personal contact details should be as easy to sight as possible. With this thought, I have kept my email id and phone number at the start of the resume.

In the second paragraph, I have included my career objective. When I was going through the various resume samples, I noticed that career objective was one of the most repetitive parts in the resumes. Citing objective after the personal details would make it easy for the recruiter to learn about me. By reading my objective, the recruiter can learn about my working culture and the type of environment I am expecting.

In the third section, I have included my education, which is a must in all academic resumes. This section was by far the easiest decision. I included education section by thinking myself in the place of a recruiter. If I was a recruiter, I would have checked the education first. By that, I would have confirmed that the candidate has learned the basics of the technologies during the schooling. As direct industry work isn’t possible, so education, degree, and universities matter a lot. By thinking of this, I was forced to include education section into my resume.

In the fourth part of my resume, I have made a list of important skills that I have earned through my academics and industry work. Skills are the only thing that differs from person to person. And I wanted to project my skills. So, by including a separate section of skill-set, I can directly make an impact on the recruiters. I also included bullet points in my skills so recruiters can directly see the skills without wasting much of the time and can decide whether a candidate is skilled enough to perform the job responsibilities or not. So, I can help recruiter in decision making by including skill-set as a separate section.

In the fifth paragraph, I have included my projects. These were the projects I have developed during my academics. I have an understanding in my mind that it would be great to include some projects. As projects represent some hands-on experience in the technology platforms. With certifications and education, hands-on experience on the technical platforms sum up to an ideal candidate. So, to make my profile look perfect, I have included projects, too.

In the last part of my resume, I have included the certification courses which I have completed in my bachelor’s and master’s degree.  I thought that including my professional level certifications would help to create a positive impact on the recruiter. Leaving a positive impact on recruiter at the last point of screening is one of the many positives. So, this thought enforced me to add a section of certification to my resume.